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the front of the house to the back of the houseJES Restaurant Equipment is a comprehensive marketplace for restaurateurs across the planet looking to stock their business right. Founded in 2002 as an equipment repair company, JES has since grown into one of the industry's most trusted authorities in restaurant supply. Our ace representatives are fluent in everything from kitchen hardware to dining room silverware and they can assist you online or by phone five days a week. Since its debut, JES Restaurant Equipment has treated its customers like people, not credit-card holders, and we pledge to give each new visitor exceptional service to the best of our abilities.

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Our Story

JES was founded in 2000 by Eric Smith with a service truck and $8,000. The company specialized in preventative maintenance, repair of restaurant equipment, and HVAC/R. As the business progressed, Eric saw a demand to supply local restaurants with equipment so he began supplying the small demand there was. The reputation for customer service that JES provided in the local market spread and grew the company into one that also provided kitchen floor plans and complete restaurant packages. In 2005 Eric met Vivian through the industry, and, as the story goes, he just could not get her off of his mind. Vivian was managing an internet company in another state at the time and must have felt the same way about Eric. In 2007 Eric and Vivian were married and moved to South Carolina. Eric had managed to build an office and a warehouse, but when Vivian arrived, one of the first things she said was you are going to need a bigger warehouse." Vivian went to work getting the website up and running, negotiating better pricing from vendors and adding products to the site. Some mornings, at around 4am, Eric would wake up and she would not be in bed but downstairs working on adding items to the website and correcting pricing. A year and a half later there was the addition ofyou guessed itanother warehouse. Eric still believes in what made the company grow was customer service, so when you call JES, you will always get a real person to answer the phone. We care about you getting what you need at a fair price. Eric and Vivian still work daily even though the company has grown with department heads and General Managers. JES is an American success story showing what you can accomplish with hard work and customer service. Thank you for reading our story and visiting our site.

Our Customers

Since our inception, JES Restaurant Equipment has been rooted in thoughtful cooperation. We are thankful to have helped tens of thousands of restaurateurs find that exact thing they need, and our staff still provides each new customer with a unique and personal assistance. We dont use automated phone systems here. We dont speak in deceptive jargon. We listen. We help. We believe that true loyalty is rewarded to those with transparent intentions. If we didnt treat our customers with honest respect, this business could never have become the success that it is today.

If you need anything, email us at [email protected] or call us Monday through Friday, 8am to 6pm, at (866) 200-6056.

Our Staff

The JES staff spends an inordinate amount of time learning about, talking about, and thinking about commercial restaurant equipment and supplies. Were not much fun at parties, but when it comes to stocking a restaurant, theres no group of people more knowledgeable or eager to help. Over the years, our team has built strong, real-life friendships with equipment providers from coast to coast, and weve negotiated the lowest possible prices on some of the industrys most popular items. If you have a question about anything on our site, please, dont hesitate to give us a call!

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Excellent customer service when ordering. Fast shipping and quality packaging.

- Mark Van W

Your site is easy to use, can't wait to see how fast you ship!

- Jody G

Straight forward. Clear and easy to navigate. Good prices.

- Dave B

Detailed product description, competitive pricing and easy check out.

- Susan M