These Lightweight Fryers are Perfect for Small Kitchens

Published on: April 1st

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FryerIf you don’t have a lot of room in your commercial kitchen but you are finding yourself in need of a good fryer, then you might look at a commercial counter top electric fryer as an option. These fryers, like the 301HLF, work well depending on how much food you are frying at a time. These fryers are small, compact, and space-saving.

The Star Electric Counter top fryers, like the 630FF, in particular have a 10lbs fat capacity. Again, this isn’t bad depending on the amount of food you are frying at a given time. All of these models are equipped with an immersion type tubular heating element that provides an even distribution of heat to the food items to ensure thorough cooking. These fryers are also equipped with a nickel plated steel lift out kettle with tubular two-position swing up baskets, which provide an easy cleaning. There are adjustable legs that match the height of other Star-Max equipment.

The convenience of these counter top fryers is they can be plugged in anywhere. They run off of 120 volts and the snap-action thermostat ranges from 200ºF to 375ºF. These fryers are great for rental facilities, snack bars and other food service operations. Whether you are cooking onion rings, fries, or chicken, these counter top fryers can meet any fried food needs you may have.

We have a large selection of commercial counter top fryers from Star Manufacturing here at J.E.S. Restaurant Equipment.

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