How To Choose A Commercial Dishwasher, Part One

Published on: January 12th

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Commercial DishwasherCommercial Dishwashers come in a plethora of shapes, sizes, & brands and choosing the best dishwasher for your application can be a little overwhelming. In this series of blogs from J.E.S. Restaurant Equipment we will cover the different types of commercial dishwashers and discuss some of the major differences in an effort to help you make an educated decision when you purchase your commercial dishwasher.

In this part of the series, we will take a look at the two sanitizing options you will have to choose from when purchasing your commercial dishwasher.  The first option is a High Temp Sanitizing dishwasher, this type of dishwasher uses a booster heater to heat the incoming water to a blistering 180°F (minimum) for the final rinse eliminating the need for chemical sanitizers and ensuring highest level of sanitation.  The Second option is a Low Temp or Chemical Sanitizing dishwasher, this type of dishwasher uses a lower water temperature (around 140ºF) and requires the use of a chemical sanitizer during the final rinse.  While the initial cost of ownership of a high temperature commercial dishwasher vs. a low temperature commercial dishwasher will be higher, in the long run operating costs of a high temperature dishwasher will be significantly less than that of its chemical sanitizing cousin… not to mention high temperature commercial dishwashers will remove lip stick from your glassware, not gonna happen with a low temperature dishwasher.

In the next installment of this series we will take a look at the different types of commercial dishwashers available and which one is right for your business.  At J.E.S. Restaurant Equipment we carry most of the major brands of commercial dishwashers like Meiko, Moyer Diebel, CMA, & Jet Tech to name a few and have them all priced to move w/FREE FREIGHT!  Stop by our online store and check out the huge selection of discount restaurant supplies and commercial restaurant equipment at wholesale prices.

9 Responses to How To Choose A Commercial Dishwasher, Part One

  1. George says:

    So when it comes to Commercial Dishwashers… who do you rate as the top 5

  2. Ben says:

    Hello George,

    Here are the top 3 in my opinion… in no specific order:

    Let me know if that helps or how I can be of further assistance.

  3. M says:

    Nice article. Would you know the maintenance cycle on these machines and how often they do break down. Also, would you know who maintains these? Thank you.

  4. Jeramy says:

    A commercial dishwasher is like any other appliance you buy—cheap dishwashers are more likely to break down than their heavier-duty counterparts. Luckily, you can delay the inevitable break down through regular preventative maintenance. Don’t let the drain clog. Clean the filter and replace the tank water every 20 cycles. Regularly scrub down the interior of the dishwasher. Remove scaling when it builds up too much. A lot of small things done every week will keep even cheap dishwashers from spontaneously crapping out.

  5. Don says:

    You forgot to include ADS in your top machines.Also…the most important choice in my opinion is making sure the local service provider stocks parts for that machine!

  6. Jeramy says:

    ADS machines are all right… the problem with almost all ADS machines is their squeeze tubes tend to come loose, and it’s a real hassle to reattach the tube after every cycle. That was a few years ago, though, and they might have fixed that problem by now…

    As for making sure your technician has the right parts stocked: I absolutely agree with you. Dishwashers, in my experience, are more likely than any other piece of equipment to break down. On a long enough timescale, your dishwasher will go on the fritz, and that’s when you need to get a local service technician to come in and patch it up. People think, “It’s the age of the Internet–local technicians have access to every single part in the world!” Well, they do… but you have to wait for that part to ship, and by that time your dishes are past the point of merely piling up.

  7. eric says:

    we are opening a new restaurant in about 4 months, we are buying all new equipment any thoughts on the dishwasher im leaning toward the high temp do you need a hood for those washers. thank you

  8. Jeramy says:

    In most cases for high temperature dishwashers you will need a condensate hood to capture the steam and condensation.

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