JES Now Carries Door Mats by The Andersen Company!

Published on: April 26th

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The Andersen Company began in 1974. Since then The Andersen Company has became the leader in the development and production of solution based high performance mat products. There commitment to their customer service, fast accurate shipments and products quality is unsurpassed.

The Andersen Company’s high quality and innovation are known around the world. There quality and innovation assures that you have the best. To be the best you have to have the best. Some of there innovation include.

Rubber gripper backing for minimum slipping on all floor surfaces and longer service life without cracking and curling associated with vinyl backed mats. Rubber reinforced polypropylene face fiber in a bi-level construction that will not crush for the life of the mat. A water dam around the perimeter of the mat to keep water from reaching the floor minimizing slip/fall hazards. The Andersen Company’s product offering has steadily grown to include over 30 products in a myriad of colors and sizes. These products range from entrance mats to interior finishing mats to industrial mats for anti-fatigue and traction control. Whatever mat you could ever need The Andersen Company has the solution.

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