Whisperflo Cook and Hold Oven = Awesome Roast Beef

BKI/BevLes Whisperflo Cook & Hold Oven

Whisperflo Cook & Hold Oven

Last week during one of our sales meetings we were treated to dinner by one of our manufacturer reps, and boy was it a treat.  What he had provided for dinner was the absolute best roast beef I had ever put in my mouth.  When asked what method he had used to cook the beef he responded with a grin and said “I cooked it in one of our Whisperflo cook & hold ovens.”  If this delicious juicy beef is any indication of the ability of the cook and hold I would recommend it to any customer in the market for this type of product.  It has a +/-2° variance anywhere in the oven cavity over (or under) the set temperature, compared to some competitors that have much higher variances.  This is a great oven and for the price it’s a deal that is hard to beat.  If you would like more information on this product please give one of our friendly and knowledgeable sales associates a call today.

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