JES Joins Gold Medal’s 100 Club

Vivian Smith and J.E.S. Restaurant Equipment were honored at a recent Gold Medal training conference in Cincinnati, OH.  They were awarded membership in Gold Medal’s “100” Club, which recognizes excellence on the part of restaurant suppliers in  counseling  concessionaires and snack operators on how to improve their business.  J.E.S. received the commendation for their efforts in 2013.  A  handsome plaque, which will be displayed in the store, was also a part of the award.

Gold Medal 2013 Award for JES Restaurant Equipment


For more from our trip to Cincinnati take a look at the great videos our team brought back, featuring some of the unique new items from Gold Medal Concession Equipment.

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October Meeting with Moffat Turbofan

Yesterday after noon we were lucky to be joined by Moffat’s Executive Chef Peter Carroll and Adam from Empire to showcase the awesome power of the Turbofan Convection Oven Systems. In just a short amount of time Chef Carroll was able to turn out some of the best food our sales team has had with a single oven.

Take a look at some of the images below to see just how great the Turbofan Oven could be in your operations. And give us a call if you think a Moffat could be right for you – our team would love to tell you what they learned!


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American Range Meeting

American Range met with JES last night and shared information about the ranges with Green Flame technology as well as the Magma fryer with continuous filtration. The Green Flame technology in commercial ranges means that there are no pilot flames on unused burners. This saves energy which saves you money in the long run. greenflame The American Range line also puts out more BTUs than other brands which helps maintain temperature. They have options for Green Flame technology in standard ovens, innovection and convection ovens. Not only is it more energy efficient, it is also safer. With the gas not on continuously, there is less risk of danger to operators.

The continuous oil filtration system in American Range Magma fryers are also a money saver. They preserve oil life by days which improves overall food quality, giving you an edge on competitors. Impurities in the oil magmaoilfiltrationare filtered out due to the whole tank of oil being filtered every two minutes. A good rule of thumb to note is when you change the oil, you change the filter. Why decrease food quality with bad frying oil? Keep your customers coming back for more.  American Range has a lot to offer for commercial kitchens as well as residential. Find out more about their products here.

JES Employees discuss American Range products

JES Employees discuss American Range products

Natasha Riggs and Vivian Smith

Natasha Riggs and Vivian Smith chat with the American Range representative.

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Empire Marketing and Scotsman Ice Machines

Last night we had a meeting with Adam from Empire Marketing and Tony from Scotsman Ice Machines. The staff learned more about Scotsman ice machines and how to sell them. The Prodigy® line of ice makers features not only quality ice, but easy maintenance as well. The diagnostic code display allows you to fix it right the first time.

The Scotsman filtration systems provide the best filtration for quality ice every time. There a filters for dirt and rust particles, algae and mold, and just off-tastes and odors that no one wants in their ice. Scotsman offers non-water cooled ice makers which majorly reduces the cost of your water bills. Find Scotsman ice machines on our website!

Empire Marketing and ScotsmanJordan and Ben look at Scotsman literatureTony from Scotsman

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Meeting with AmeriKooler

Last night JES had a meeting with AmeriKooler president, Renato M. Alonso. He showed us the high tech insulation that AmeriKooler uses to insulate each of their walk-in freezers and coolers.

JES Employees

AmeriKooler provided JES employees with Subway sandwiches for dinner.

AmeriKooler President

Renato M. Alonso shows employees the high tech insulation that is in the AmeriKooler walk-ins.

JES Meeting with AmeriKooler

President of AmeriKooler, Renato M. Alonso talks to JES employees.

JES Meeting

Rick Beltram and Eric

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Cook-Off with Holland Grills

This gallery contains 21 photos.

Scott and John from Holland Grills had a pizza cook off here at JES. Yes, that’s right. They cooked pizzas on a grill and they were delicious!

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Saying Good-bye

Yesterday we said good-bye to one of our employees, Hayden. A local restaurant catered the lunch of this bittersweet day. As the content writer in the Internet Department, Hayden posted many of the blogs that we’ve featured on our website. He’s now off to graduate school, and we wish him the best of luck! We’ll miss you!

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Hoshizaki Meeting – 7/9/2013

The J.E.S. sales and operations staff was recently paid a visit by a few of our representatives from Hoshizaki America and Cannon Marketing. Judy Smith and Tony Cannon from Cannon Marketing came down with Kevin Caudill from Hoshizaki to discuss some of Hoshizaki’s newest updates and product lines. While he was here, Kevin took some time to explain some of the features and design qualities that make Hoshizaki’s ice machines and refrigerators unique among the competition.

Special thanks to Judy, Tony, and Kevin for coming out to keep us updated on the latest news from Hoshizaki. We appreciate all of the time and effort that went into the presentation!

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Company Dinner – 6/20/2013

Yesterday evening, the J.E.S. Restaurant Equipment crew was treated to dinner by owners Eric and Vivian Smith. The sales, internet, and shipping departments all convened together at the Stoney Point Golf Club for a company meal to celebrate last month’s record-breaking sales. Eric and Vivian wanted to express their appreciation for everybody’s hard work over the past several months by treating each employee to dinner, drinks, and conversation. The dinner gave the team a chance to unwind and interact away from the constant ringing of phones, clicking of keyboards, and whirring of printers—a chance that they all appreciated and enjoyed. Here’s hoping that the coming months continue to give us reasons to celebrate!

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Thoughts for Chef Phil

Chef PhilThe staff at J.E.S. Restaurant Equipment would like to extend our thoughts and prayers today (and in the days to come) to our good friend Chef Phil Clark. Chef Phil has recently undergone a successful quadruple bypass surgery, and is currently beginning the recovery period. Everything seems to be progressing well so far, but Phil will still need some time before he can make a full recovery.

Chef Phil has been a partner to J.E.S. since the very founding of the company—all the way back when Eric Smith was still just getting started with his single-truck service business. Since then, Chef Phil has helped J.E.S. expand by hosting in-house cooking classes, creating informative cooking videos, and writing for his own recipe and kitchen advice blog for the J.E.S. website. Although Phil recently relocated to Florida, his presence is still very much felt here at J.E.S. headquarters.

If any dedicated followers or fans of Chef Phil’s blog or videos would like to extend their thoughts or get well wishes to Phil during his recovery period, he can be reached by email at We are sure that he would love to hear from everyone right now during his careful recovery. Otherwise, be sure to keep up with all of the latest tips, tricks, and recipes from Chef Phil by following his blog today.

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