Floyd from Ohio was looking for 48″ grab bars to go into his new home. One call to Juli here at J.E.S. Restaurant Equipment, and his Bobrick 48″ peened surface grab bars were shipped out to him in Ohio. Here is what he had to say about his J.E.S. Experience:

People at J.E.S.R.E., Saying thank you is not enough credit I can give you.
I am building a new home and I needed 48″ peened grab bars from Bobrick. A lot of companies advertised them but it was you that was able to get them for me. Your ability to get them earned my business, future business and the word of mouth advertising I am going to spread. You stepped up to the challenge and crossed the finish line for a customer. Excellence is woven through the J.E.S. name. Juli and the rest of people, you made my day! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Floyd from Ohio

Thanks Floyd. Not only do we like crossing the finish line for our customers, but we also strive to come in first every time. We hope your new home comes together nicely and that your grab bars will serve their purpose in your new home just as well. We sell a large selection of Bobrick items and other similar products here at J.E.S. Restaurant Equipment.

Now Ya Cookin’!

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