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7 Kitchen Basics For Your Future Graduate

Posted by on 5/4/2018

You probably know at least one graduate who will fend for themselves in the kitchen for the first time this summer. No more late night pizza runs or campus cafeteria food, it's time to cook for real. Some basic kitchen gear and tools, make an excellent and practical graduation gift. At JES, we know you want the most bang for your buck, and given that kitchen space can be limited; we've tracked down 7 of the most durable, affordable, and well-designed kitchen tools and essentials available on the market.


First: Get a high quality, durable knife. Whether you're dealing with fruit, vegetables, herbs, or meat – you're going to have to slice, chop, or dice something at some point. The two most important knives to have in your arsenal are a high quality chef's knife and a pairing knife. Shop Affordable Cutlery Here.

Mixing Bowls

From pancake batter to vinaigrette, you'd be surprised how often you'll reach for mixing bowls in the kitchen. Be sure to choose durable bowls that can handle large and small volumes. Nested mixing bowls are perfect for saving space and can double as serveware/storage containers. After all, multitasking is crucial when space and budget are limited. Shop Mixing Bowls Here.

Lodge Cast Iron

You will NEVER love anything, as much as you love your cast iron. If treated properly, you could cook with just this one pan for the rest of your life and never even miss another pan! You can even make dessert in a cast iron! Shop Lodge Cast Iron Here.

Kitchen Hand Tools

A well stocked kitchen should include a wooden spoon, vegetable peeler, can opener, measuring cups, tongs, spatulas, pot holders, and a whisk. Tool sets are a great way to ensure your graduate will have all the necessary pieces to make your prepwork a breeze. JES Kitchen Hand Tools

John Boos Cutting Boards & Blocks

A wooden cutting board or block also serves multiple purposes and is easy on your blades, keeping your knives in top condition. Be sure to sanitize your board after working with raw meats or seafood to avoid cross-contamination. These cutting boards, blocks, and tables from John Boos are perfect!
Shop John Boo's Here.

Vollrath Cookie Sheets

Next is a cookie baking sheet. Rimmed baking sheets work not only for baking cookies, but they can also be used for roasted vegetables, dinner rolls, spatchcocked chicken, a whole fish, or even a rack of lamb. These Vollrath Cookie Sheets are easy to clean, last forever, and you can store them right in the oven! Shop Vollrath Here.

Lodge Dutch Ovens

And lastly, the Dutch Oven is a serious kitchen workhorse. It comes in a range of models and sizes. You can make braises, soups, stews, and risottos in them. You can fry things and even bake bread. These Dutch Ovens from Lodge will accompany you from kitchen to kitchen throughout your lifetime.
Shop Lodge Dutch Ovens Here.

Congratulations, future graduates! Go forth and cook... Launch a life of good cooking with the top tools and kitchenware from JES Restaurant Equipment.

Shop All JES Kitchen Basics For Your Graduate Here.

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