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An Introduction to Buying Sinks for Restaurants & Bars

Do you feel like it’s time to buy a new commercial sink but you aren’t sure what type to purchase? First, you should understand why you are buying it. The cost of the sink is usually in direct comparison to the job for which it is used. If you are purchasing one for the mud room of your home, then a sink that is not NSF approved will work fine; however, if you are in an industrial environment or a restaurant, then a NSF approved sink is imperative.

What is NSF? Formerly known as the National Sanitation Foundation, NSF International is a public health and safety company that tests products, write standards for the products, and certify that they are safe for the public. All sinks have similar features: shiny, holds water, dishes, vegetables, dogs and so on. The difference really depends on the way they are manufactured.

A sink can either be stamped or welded. A stamped bowl will start out with 16 gauge metal blank and a die will push it down into a sort of cast that stretches the metal and consequently forms the bowl. You could compare this to taking two paper cups and putting saran wrap over the top of one of the cups. You would then push the other cup down, stretching the saran wrap. This process works similarly by stretching the metal causing it to thin; sometimes this metal thins so much that a heavy knife can penetrate through it.

A welded bowl is a fabricated bowl with multiple sheets of metal that are bent at the seams and welded together. This is a hand driven process, which increases the price but if you start with a 16 gauge sheet of metal then you end up with a 16 gauge piece of metal. Most institutions use 14 gauge metal, restaurants use 16, and delis use 18.

J.E.S. Restaurant Equipment distributes for several stainless steel sink manufacturers, such as Advanced Tabco, which are proudly made in the USA, and Serv-Ware, a company that’s experienced, responsive and can deliver in more ways than one. Whether you are looking for a large, custom-made stainless fabrication job or a simple hand sink, J.E.S. Restaurant Equipment can fit almost any need or budget that you may have for purchasing a commercial stainless steel sink.

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