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Increasing Your Concession Sales

Posted by on 3/22/2018

It’s no secret that there’s money in concessions. Jaw dropping food and beverage prices have reigned supreme at theaters, athletic events and carnivals for years yet people keep coming back for more. Something about caramel corn at the stadium or a smothered chili dog at the state fair just brings an atmosphere of fun and comfort.

But with steep prices comes steep competition and concession owners are kicking it into high gear to make their products stand out above the rest. Here’s a few tips to help you increase your concession sales through advertising, marketing, menu revamps and budgeting.

  • Promote Your Concessions: Study’s show that customers are enticed by visual appeal, which increases impulse purchases. Showcase large pictures of the menu items you want to sell to get those mouths watering. Utilize signage and P.A. announcers to let people at a distance know what you have to offer. It’s also a proven fact that name brand items sell more product.
  • Create Something Unique: We all know where we can get the basic concession foods, but what can customers only get exclusively at your stand? Set yourself above the rest by offering premium items that you wouldn’t normally find in the area like pulled barbecue, wings, quesadillas and smoothies or invent a wacky and intriguing food item of your very own. The possibilities are endless!
  • Come to the Customer: Large crowds, long lines and multiple kids to maintain are often discouraging factors when it comes to deciding to buy from concession stands. Many people will choose to sit out the event and eat out at a restaurant afterwards. Bringing the food to the customers offers convenience and adds to the customer experience, especially at sporting events.
  • Offer Free Samples: Yes, we know that nobody wants to give anything away for free. But in today’s economic hardships people want to be sure that they are getting the most out of their money. Allowing customers to sample some of your items will satisfy their uncertainty to purchase and the small taste will provide just enough of a tease to entice. It’s can also be a great way to advertise that “unique item” on your menu.
  • Eliminate Outside Vendors: By allowing another company to bring their product into your business territory you are compromising your own concession sales. This is especially prominent in schools where partnerships have been made to help “fundraising” while only paying a percentage of their sales. Removing outside vendors will strengthen the appeal of your own concession stands and save you money. If you do not want to remove these businesses then it might be more effective to charge a flat rate rather than asking for only a percentage of the profits.

These are just a few basic ideas. Feel free to get creative and utilize your own resources to drive customers your way.

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