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Outdoor Approved Ice Machines from Hoshizaki

Posted by on 2/23/2018

It’s no secret that ice machines are not built to handle every type of situation. Generally their performance is subject to the environment and resources available. But thankfully there are some ice makers better equipped to meet the unique demands of the residential customer.

We all know that having an outdoor ice machine is virtually unfeasible unless your planning to invest in a water-cooled unit. And the gallons of water wasted from a water-cooled ice maker is neither cheap nor environmentally friendly. But thanks to Hoshizaki the prospect of an air-cooled ice machine functioning sufficiently outside has been made possible. With a required ambient temperature ranging from 40 – 100 degrees F and water temperature range of 45 – 90 degrees F, these self-contained units are outdoor approved!

Not only are they equipped for outdoor use these units also feature built-in storage to hold up to 22 lbs, eliminating the need to purchase a separate ice bin. Their undercounter design is less than 34 inches tall (32” ADA compliant units also available) so it fits easily into almost any space, making it perfect for that outdoor kitchen you’ve been wanting. These models can also be built to accommodate custom cabinetry so they blend in perfectly with any design scheme. And to top it all off these little guys produce the popular cubelet ice , for that chewable texture that everyone loves in their drinks.

See these products on our website for more information. Still not sure if this ice machine is right for you? Get our ice machine buyer’s guide to find out which units will suit your specific needs.

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