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Advantages of Commercial Dishwashers


Here's what you should look for when determining which washer is best suited for your restaurant...

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The History Of The John Boos Butcher Block Table

With over 125 years in the market, John Boos & Co is the primary provider for gourmet products, butcher blocks, and foodservice equipment in the USA. Capable of both wood and metal manufacturing at the same location, John Boos is the only manufacturer with the opportunity to easily and quickly expand their product offerings to customers!

Shop All John Boos & Co. Here.
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Wood Beats Plastic – Cutting Boards, Chopping Blocks, & Butcher Blocks from John Boos

While plastic is cheaper and more convenient for many applications in today’s modern kitchen sometimes there’s just no substitute for quality old fashioned wood. In addition to durability it adds both style and elegance to your kitchen with it’s antique finishes and beautiful colors. This is one of the reasons you see many world famous chefs on television using wooden cutting products in their shows. When taken care of properly a wooden cutting board, chopping block or butcher block will serve you well for years to come and they become even more attractive as they age.

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Wine Glasses 101

Wine glasses are a topic of moderate controversy among various beverage connoisseurs. One wine drinker may insist that the shape of your wine glass matters a great deal, while another might feel that it doesn’t make a significant difference. Some avid wine enthusiasts would argue – perhaps pedantically – that each type of wine tastes better when served in a very specific type of glass matched to the qualities of the wine in question, but most home budgets can’t afford to keep over two dozen different types of wine glasses at the ready, and that’s not to mention the cabinet space that that would require. However, there are some generally accepted rules about what sorts of glasses to use in most everyday wine situations, and having a few different styles on hand should keep you well covered to properly serve just about any type of wine.

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Dexter-Russell Knives - A Cut Above The Rest

Knives come in all shapes and sizes in the kitchen. A chef is only as good as his or her knife allows. One of the biggest issues a beginning chef may have is learning which knife is right for them to buy.

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G.E.T. Decorative Bowls & Platters

G.E.T. Enterprises is a leading manufacturer in tabletop restaurant smallwares . They have a wide selection of soup and rice bowls. These bowls are 8 oz. in depth and have several decorative patterns including several Oriental designs. They are made of melamine and are NSF listed. They also offer platters to complement the bowls and are sold in sets. These items are great for either commercial or residential tabletops.

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A Dinnerware Buying Guide for the Budding Restauranteur

Customers will pass judgment about your restaurant the second they sit down. That is why picking the right dinner plate is so important to the restaurateur. Dinner plates are an important part of your restaurant experience and thus should be well thought out before purchasing. It should complement the color and design of your establishment. When choosing dinner plates, you should consider several things including materials, colors, shapes and sizes.

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Large Tax Deductions for Your Restaurant Equipment

It’s Christmas, but bear in mind it’s also almost the end of 2013, and there are some very good things that might not be around after 2013. One of those is the Section 179 Business Tax Break, which is substantially greater than it was in 2012, and not something you want to let pass by. If you’re thinking about purchasing, now truly is the best time.

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The Hottest Thing in Ice: New Ice-O-Matic Undercounters!

Ice-O-Matic recognizes that the face of the food service industry is changing, and they’re on the cutting edge of keeping up with these changes. It’s for this reason that they’ve introduced the HIS line , a new line of compact, under-counter ice machines.

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A Braising Pan Does It All, but a Lot of Restaurant Owners Don’t Know They Exist

There are many ways to tenderize meats. One way to enhance the food’s color and flavoring is to slowly cook meat in liquid to produce tender, moist meat. Stewing is one method of choice but to really use less liquid in order to retain those juices and flavors the best method would be to braise your meats. This particular method surrounds the meat around the juices and moisture created by the cooking process.

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Southbend: The Gentleman's Gas Range

Range ovens are a necessity in any restaurant. These ovens allow you the option to cook more than one thing at a time whether it's baking rolls in the oven or cooking stir fry on the stove top griddle.

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“The Perfect Cup” Hot Chocolate Contest

Good news for chocolate lovers!

With the winter chill setting in JES Restaurant Equipment is looking for the perfect cup of Hot Chocolate. We are asking anyone to send us your best recipe by 12/16/11.

On the 19th our in house chef, Chef Phil, will select several of the entries and make them for our sales team. Our sales team will have a blind taste test, to be posted on our Youtube account the following week, and select the winner. The winner will receive an Orville Redenbacher Hot Air Popcorn Popper! (pictured below)

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December 2014: Your Last Chance to Act on Section 179

Receive Your Complete 35% Rebate All At Once

Let’s say you just bought a $1400 refrigerator for your restaurant. The government considers your purchase to be a capital investment, and as time passes and as the refrigerator loses value, you can deduct its depreciated value from your income taxes. Basically, your refrigerator grows old and the government periodically sends you some money back.

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Only Winners Deserve a Hoshizaki Refrigerator

Hoshizaki is a leading manufacturer in commercial ice makers and refrigeration units across the globe. Now Hoshizaki has introduced a new line of Hoshizaki Commercial Series Refrigeration units. These new line of refrigeration and freezer units are top of the line in commercial refrigeration.

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What Food Service Trends are Hot this Holiday Season

The Idea, Generally

During the past few holiday seasons, the food service and catering scenes have been dominated by a sleek, glossy aesthetic: reds, golds, lacy whites, baubles hung from the ceiling, snowflakes fixed to the walls, wreaths the size of car tires, poinsettias at the maximum capacity. But this year food service designers and event planners are dialing things back. We’re moving away from a Rockefeller Center sort of atmosphere and more towards a Grandma’s Living Room type design.

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Meat Doesn’t Have to be Thick as Rubber. We Can Teach You How.

It doesn’t matter how much time you spend preparing a delectable slice of meat if when you cut into your steak and find it still to be tough and like biting into a withered balloon. If you have had this experience before with various types of meats then you could have tried a hand-held meat tenderizer as a nice alternative.

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Now That You’re Cookin’, Check Out the Economy Pitco Fryer

Since 1918, Pitco Frialator have been manufacturing fryers in the USA and have been offering quality, reliable equipment for professional frying. They have since then been in the forefront of the frying industry. So, what makes Pitco Frialators one of the top brands in commercial frying?

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Great Deals on Cyclone Convection Ovens! Whoa!

If you are a restaurant, a school cafeteria, or any other commercial kitchen then chances are you will be using a convection oven to cook most of your meals. Convection ovens are useful because they take far less time to cook food than a conventional oven. They are also great commodities in the fact that they save energy by cooking food evenly without having to turn your food products around inside the oven.

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Our Gold Medal Vendor Training Seminar: Part 2

Earlier this week, two members of the JES sales team traveled up to Ohio for a product demonstration and training seminar hosted by Gold Medal Products . After the first day of meeting some of Gold Medal’s staff members, mingling with the other attendees, and familiarizing themselves with the products and machines on offer at the seminar, the demonstrations officially began. Here are some of the pictures of the action sent to us by our guys at the show.

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Our Gold Medal Vendor Training Seminar: Part 1

This week, two of our team members are attending a product training session hosted by Gold Medal Products in Cincinnati, Ohio to learn how to operate a variety of the machines and devices from Gold Medal’s extensive product line. Here are some of the pictures that they’ve sent back from their first day on the trip.

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Black Friday Deals at JES Restaurant Equipment

This Deal Has Since Expired.

We hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving week filled with family, friends, and food… lots of food! But Thanksgiving isn’t the only big day this week; Black Friday 2013 is almost here. And that means big deals at JES Restaurant Equipment. If you’ve subscribed to our newsletter then you already know we’ve been rolling our coupons and saving all month long, and if you’re not – now is a perfect time to sign up!

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A Cup Dispenser Can Bring Order to the Chaos of Your Restaurant

If you are a restaurant owner, then you will probably go through quite a few cups in your place of business. Foam cups are used by most owners to avoid the burden of having to wash ceramic cups. If you server a lot of hot tea or coffee, then you are likely to use foam cups. A great way to stack these cups and keep them altogether is by putting them in a foam cup dispenser.

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Accelerated Depreciation and How to Maximize Your Restaurant’s Savings

With the end of the fiscal year approaching and the elections behind us, many businesses are looking for ways to get the most out of their savings and drive 2012 sales. In the face of upcoming tax law changes, we want to remind our loyal customers as well as other businesses out there of a very important and powerful sales tool.

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