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Increasing Your Concession Sales


It’s no secret that there’s money in concessions. Jaw dropping food and beverage prices have reigned supreme at theaters, athletic events and carnivals for years yet people keep coming back for more.

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A Food or Salad Bar Can Liven Up Any Dining Room

Food cart dining

Many large restaurants and cafeterias offer food bars to give customers a myriad of options. Most of these food bars are rather large and tend to take up more space than necessary. Not only does this reduce the amount of possible table space, but it also minimizes serving options for your patrons.

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End of the Year Tax Savings are HERE!

equipment leasing tax season

End of the Year Section 179 Tax Saving Season is HERE! You could save $1000's with Section 179 tax benefits!

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Who will be the Food Bank of Greenwood County's first Chopped Champion?


Who will make the cut and who will be “CHOPPED”??? Who has what it takes to become the Food Bank of Greenwood County's very first “CHOPPED” Champion?

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What JES Customers Are Saying About Financing Restaurant Equipment

customer success story

See what our customers are saying about financing restaurant equipment through Quickspark Financial and JES Restaurant Equipment! Learn More about Equipment Financing Options Here.

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The Way to Plan Out a Small Kitchen

Today we are starting a new series where we will feature advice from our owner Eric on various problems you may run into when setting up a commercial kitchen. Here’s our first post in the series.

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Wash, Rinse, Sanitize – How to Clean Restaurant Utensils in a Compartment Sink

Compartment sinks are not only convenient in the foodservice industry but are also mandatory in many cases. Most health and sanitation standards require restaurants to have a sink with three or more compartments to manually clean utensils and smaller equipment pieces. But washing smallwares by hand is not as simple as running some soap and water over them. Washing restaurant utensils and equipment is subject to standards just like washing your hands. This three-step process is kinda like the “stop, drop and roll” of warewashing:

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The Benefits of Online Ordering for Restaurants

Benefits Of Online Ordering for Restaurants

Online ordering for restaurants has been growing in popularity for some time now and for good reason! Providing the option to place online orders has many benefits for both the restaurant and the customer. If you haven’t yet added this service for your business, here are just some of the benefits of online ordering for restaurants…

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Large Tax Deductions for Your Restaurant Equipment

It’s Christmas, but bear in mind it’s also almost the end of 2013, and there are some very good things that might not be around after 2013. One of those is the Section 179 Business Tax Break, which is substantially greater than it was in 2012, and not something you want to let pass by. If you’re thinking about purchasing, now truly is the best time.

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The Hottest Thing in Ice: New Ice-O-Matic Undercounters!

Ice-O-Matic recognizes that the face of the food service industry is changing, and they’re on the cutting edge of keeping up with these changes. It’s for this reason that they’ve introduced the HIS line , a new line of compact, under-counter ice machines.

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December 2014: Your Last Chance to Act on Section 179

Receive Your Complete 35% Rebate All At Once

Let’s say you just bought a $1400 refrigerator for your restaurant. The government considers your purchase to be a capital investment, and as time passes and as the refrigerator loses value, you can deduct its depreciated value from your income taxes. Basically, your refrigerator grows old and the government periodically sends you some money back.

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Only Winners Deserve a Hoshizaki Refrigerator

Hoshizaki is a leading manufacturer in commercial ice makers and refrigeration units across the globe. Now Hoshizaki has introduced a new line of Hoshizaki Commercial Series Refrigeration units. These new line of refrigeration and freezer units are top of the line in commercial refrigeration.

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Use Social Media to Market During the Holidays

Social media marketing has rapidly become an increasingly influential presence in the sales world over the past several years. With more and more companies and individuals joining social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest each year, these online networking tools have grown into an undeniably powerful name-making and brand-establishing tool when looking to build one’s business.

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Wine Pairing During Christmastime

With the holidays just around the corner, many people have already begun to make arrangements for this year’s holiday dinner. We’ve recently discussed how to choose wines for a wine tasting , but it’s time to revisit the subject from a different angle as families and catering companies gear up to make their holiday dinner beverage selections.

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Our Gold Medal Vendor Training Seminar: Part 2

Earlier this week, two members of the JES sales team traveled up to Ohio for a product demonstration and training seminar hosted by Gold Medal Products . After the first day of meeting some of Gold Medal’s staff members, mingling with the other attendees, and familiarizing themselves with the products and machines on offer at the seminar, the demonstrations officially began. Here are some of the pictures of the action sent to us by our guys at the show.

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Our Gold Medal Vendor Training Seminar: Part 1

This week, two of our team members are attending a product training session hosted by Gold Medal Products in Cincinnati, Ohio to learn how to operate a variety of the machines and devices from Gold Medal’s extensive product line. Here are some of the pictures that they’ve sent back from their first day on the trip.

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Black Friday Deals at JES Restaurant Equipment

This Deal Has Since Expired.

We hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving week filled with family, friends, and food… lots of food! But Thanksgiving isn’t the only big day this week; Black Friday 2013 is almost here. And that means big deals at JES Restaurant Equipment. If you’ve subscribed to our newsletter then you already know we’ve been rolling our coupons and saving all month long, and if you’re not – now is a perfect time to sign up!

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JES Restaurant Equipment is a Woman-Owned Business

Did you know that J.E.S. Restaurant Equipment is a woman-owned commercial restaurant equipment dealer? In 2007, the Census Bureau reported 7.8 million businesses, which accounted for 28.7 percent of all businesses nationwide, to be owned by women. These businesses generated about 3.9% of all business receipts nationwide. Woman-owned businesses were fairly constant from state to state. In every state, women owned at least a fifth of the businesses and the percentage exceeded 30% in several states.

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Taxation Without Mitigation: Sales Tax May Soon Hit The Web

For the past 10 years, e-commerce has been looked at as the “Wild West” of the marketplace. This has never been more the case than with sales tax. So far retailers aren’t required to collect taxes on out-of-state transactions. It has more or less been up to the consumer to calculate their taxes and send them in on their own. This ambiguity is about to reach its turning point.

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Accelerated Depreciation and How to Maximize Your Restaurant’s Savings

With the end of the fiscal year approaching and the elections behind us, many businesses are looking for ways to get the most out of their savings and drive 2012 sales. In the face of upcoming tax law changes, we want to remind our loyal customers as well as other businesses out there of a very important and powerful sales tool.

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You Can Enhance Your Business With a Custom Floor Mat

Whether you’re a restaurant, hotel, or any other business owner, you need to welcome your customers with warm and open arms. A great way to draw your customers in is using a custom logo floor mat. These inexpensive commodities can really add elegance to your company and gives it a more official look.

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Why Owners Are Choosing to Finance Their Restaurants Through JES

This Deal Has Since Expired.

J.E.S Restaurant Equipment and Time Payment provides a better way to meet needs while expanding your sales . Time Payments financial products were designed to work with new and existing restaurants. It will provide restaurants a way to preserve their cash and give competitive advantage to close new sales with three features that enable them to do this faster.

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