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Advantages of Commercial Dishwashers


Here's what you should look for when determining which washer is best suited for your restaurant...

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Who will be the Food Bank of Greenwood County's first Chopped Champion?


Who will make the cut and who will be “CHOPPED”??? Who has what it takes to become the Food Bank of Greenwood County's very first “CHOPPED” Champion?

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BK Resources Closeout Spotlight: WorkForce Pre-Rinse 8-in Assembly

BK Closeout Sale

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Hoshizaki Named 2017 ENERGY STAR Partner Of The Year

Hoshi ENERGY STAR Award Winner

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has recognized Hoshizaki America, Inc. with a 2017 ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year - Sustained Excellence Award for their continued leadership in protecting our environment through superior energy efficiency achievements!

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Where + How Do Restaurants Use Berner Air Curtains?


What is an Air Curtain?

From the office lobby to shipping and receiving, and from our front doors to yours, better environments use Berner! Since 1956 Berner International has been dedicated to maintaining comfortable environments and saving energy with Berner commercial, architectural, and industrial air curtains and doors. Berner air curtains and doors effectively prevent heating or air conditioning from escaping through open doors; while providing substantial energy savings, personal comfort, and insect control. Air Curtains and doors employ a controlled stream of air aimed across an opening to create an air seal. This seal separates different environments while allowing a smooth, unhindered flow of traffic and unobstructed view through the opening. Berner Air Curtains also help stop the infiltration of flying insects. For 60 years Berner has offered unmatched quality, performance, and dependability; saving energy and creating healthy, comfortable environments!

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The History Of The John Boos Butcher Block Table

With over 125 years in the market, John Boos & Co is the primary provider for gourmet products, butcher blocks, and foodservice equipment in the USA. Capable of both wood and metal manufacturing at the same location, John Boos is the only manufacturer with the opportunity to easily and quickly expand their product offerings to customers!

Shop All John Boos & Co. Here.
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The Case for Energy Efficient Foodservice Equipment

vulcan energy star

Shopping for commercial foodservice equipment can be overwhelming. There are a variety of factors to consider such as brand, performance and warranty terms. However one factor that should be a no-brainer is whether or not the equipment is ENERGY STAR® certified.

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JES Restaurant Equipment Buys A B-52 Bomber

JES b-52

Introducing the ALL NEW B-52 Option from JES Restaurant Equipment!

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A Good Luck Recipe for the New Year

Food has always been deeply embedded in cultures across the globe. It has even been a part of festive traditions and ceremonies for thousands of years. One of the most prevalent food traditions in the United States, namely right here in the South, is sitting down to a meal which includes black-eyed peas and collared greens on New Year’s Day. For a long time, this has been a sign of good fortune as we roll into the new year.

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Large Tax Deductions for Your Restaurant Equipment

It’s Christmas, but bear in mind it’s also almost the end of 2013, and there are some very good things that might not be around after 2013. One of those is the Section 179 Business Tax Break, which is substantially greater than it was in 2012, and not something you want to let pass by. If you’re thinking about purchasing, now truly is the best time.

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A Braising Pan Does It All, but a Lot of Restaurant Owners Don’t Know They Exist

There are many ways to tenderize meats. One way to enhance the food’s color and flavoring is to slowly cook meat in liquid to produce tender, moist meat. Stewing is one method of choice but to really use less liquid in order to retain those juices and flavors the best method would be to braise your meats. This particular method surrounds the meat around the juices and moisture created by the cooking process.

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Only Winners Deserve a Hoshizaki Refrigerator

Hoshizaki is a leading manufacturer in commercial ice makers and refrigeration units across the globe. Now Hoshizaki has introduced a new line of Hoshizaki Commercial Series Refrigeration units. These new line of refrigeration and freezer units are top of the line in commercial refrigeration.

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Now That You’re Cookin’, Check Out the Economy Pitco Fryer

Since 1918, Pitco Frialator have been manufacturing fryers in the USA and have been offering quality, reliable equipment for professional frying. They have since then been in the forefront of the frying industry. So, what makes Pitco Frialators one of the top brands in commercial frying?

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Great Deals on Cyclone Convection Ovens! Whoa!

If you are a restaurant, a school cafeteria, or any other commercial kitchen then chances are you will be using a convection oven to cook most of your meals. Convection ovens are useful because they take far less time to cook food than a conventional oven. They are also great commodities in the fact that they save energy by cooking food evenly without having to turn your food products around inside the oven.

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Restaurant Holiday Tool Buying Guide

Whether it’s your first Thanksgiving or you’re a Turkey Day pro, these cooking and baking tools are essential to get you through the holidays. We always remember to get the food, but making sure you have the correct equipment and kitchen utensils can make or break your holiday. You’ll need all of the basics plus a few special tools to cook turkey, gravy, and your favorite side dishes.

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Taxation Without Mitigation: Sales Tax May Soon Hit The Web

For the past 10 years, e-commerce has been looked at as the “Wild West” of the marketplace. This has never been more the case than with sales tax. So far retailers aren’t required to collect taxes on out-of-state transactions. It has more or less been up to the consumer to calculate their taxes and send them in on their own. This ambiguity is about to reach its turning point.

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A Cup Dispenser Can Bring Order to the Chaos of Your Restaurant

If you are a restaurant owner, then you will probably go through quite a few cups in your place of business. Foam cups are used by most owners to avoid the burden of having to wash ceramic cups. If you server a lot of hot tea or coffee, then you are likely to use foam cups. A great way to stack these cups and keep them altogether is by putting them in a foam cup dispenser.

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Accelerated Depreciation and How to Maximize Your Restaurant’s Savings

With the end of the fiscal year approaching and the elections behind us, many businesses are looking for ways to get the most out of their savings and drive 2012 sales. In the face of upcoming tax law changes, we want to remind our loyal customers as well as other businesses out there of a very important and powerful sales tool.

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You Too Can Smoke A Turkey With The R & V Outside Smoker

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and that means it’s time for you to decide how to prepare your turkey. Some of you may stick to tradition by baking it while others will fry it; however, you may want to try smoking it.

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4 Steps to Caring for a Wooden or Plastic Cutting Board

Cutting boards come in many varieties but the two basic ones are wood and plastic. Care and maintenance for each one depends on the material used. Wood cutting board requires coating the board in mineral oil which acts as a sealant to prevent bacteria from forming. Avoid submerging in water, store in a dry place, brush it clean, and avoid bleach. A plastic cutting board has to have warm soapy water to clean it and should avoid the dishwasher. There are four steps to caring for a wooden cutting board.

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No More Leaning Towers of Pizza: Pizza Box Dispensers

If you own a pizza restaurant , you’ve probably found yourself ordering more pizza boxes than you can handle. You walk in the back of your kitchen and a mountain of new pizza boxes is stacked haphazardly into a leaning tower ready to topple over your cooks in the back.

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Invest in a Ventless Ventilation System for Your Commercial Kitchen

Many restaurants use deep fat fryers, griddles and other large restaurant appliances for commercial use in their kitchen. If any of these appliances are used, then they will need a ventilation system with an exhaust hood to filter out the smoke and particle emissions. A standard ventilation unit is one method of ventilation control; however, if you are a restaurant owner, you may want to consider a ventless ventilation system.

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