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The Difference Between Stove Top Turkey and Outdoor Smoked Turkey

Posted by on 2/16/2018

There are several methods to cooking a turkey or ham for the family dinner table, you can smoke them or cook them on the stove top.

Some people actually buy a turkey or ham already pre-smoked, while others take the liberty of smoking it themselves. If you are the latter, then you probably want to deliberate on whether to use a stove top smoker or an outdoor smoker.

What’s the biggest advantage of using a stove top smoker?

Well, for one thing you are indoors. This reason alone will always give you an advantage and is a good reason to look at the stove top as a way to smoke a great meat. If you find an outdoor smoker to be out of your price range, then a stove-top smoker would clearly be the way to go if you want that smoked, juicy flavor that rivals that of an outdoor smoker.

There are drawbacks to smoking on a stove-top. The time it takes to leave the eye of your stove on will most likely cause your entire kitchen to get

hotter and more smoky than necessary. The room that it takes to smoke a turkey on your stove may be more than one individual would care to use if several side dishes are being cooked at the same time. The most obvious question would be how big is your turkey? If you have a larger size turkey, chances are a stove-top smoker is not the way to go. Some stove top smokers aren’t large enough to cook a full-sized meat like a turkey.

For those that decide they want to cook their meats in an outside smoker, electric smokers are great because they take little time. They are ideal for the most inexperienced smoker. The great thing is that the long duration of time it takes to smoke a turkey or larger meats allows an open window of time to attend to other foods that one might be smoking. These smokers usually give the cook a temperature control that makes smoking your turkey even easier. The normal temperature for most smokers is 220-230°F.

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