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Things to Consider Before Opening a New Bakery

Posted by on 2/15/2018

It has been said that smells trigger memories more than any of our senses. Maybe a cologne reminds you of your grandfather, or a hair spray reminds you of your aunt, or a specific fabric softener reminds you of a previous relationship. The power of smell cannot be under estimated.

When you walk into a bakery and the smell of the fresh baked goods fills your lungs and soul, memories cannot resist the urge to be created and be summoned at the same time. So as you consider what equipment you need in your bakery, our hope is to help your bakery move from being a distant memory to being an active destination.


Before your bakery can become a destination, you need top quality baked goods. So you will need to do the fun work of preparing your products. If you want to use your hands, a wooden spoon and a mixing bowl to take care of this, that is wonderful. You might even see an increase in the size of your arms. But, if you want to use some more modern baking equipment, consider these.


Please, do not use a residential mixer in a commercial environment. Even more powerful residential models, like Kitchen-Aid, will not stand up to the abuse that a bakery will deliver. You need a commercial Mixer! What size? That depends on your needs. If you are baking huge cakes and many loaves of breads, then you might need a floor mixer. If you are baking in small batches for a small town bakery, maybe a commercial countertop mixer will do. If you need help deciding this, please give the sales team at JES Restaurant Equipment a call, and they can help you in this process. (I know, a shameless plug, but hey, they are here to help!)


If you are going to be baking a good deal of pastries and breads, or waiting for dough to rise, you need to consider a proofing cabinet. These are designed to maintain the best temperature and humidity to keep the enzymes from the yeast extremely happy. This means your dough rises faster and stays moist. These are available in many different sizes, so there is a proofing cabinet to fit the size of your bakery. See the different sizes here.

Divider, Sheeter, and Roller

If you are beginning to have a difficult time keeping up with the demand of your bakery, and you are still forming your dough by hand. You need to consider these machines. Dividers, sheeters, and rollers help speed up the dough forming process and help you meet the demands of your growing bakery.


I am not going to tell you that you need an oven. If you are reading this article and you are just learning that you need an oven, then you need to do something besides operate a bakery! However, there are many types of commercial ovens, so a good question might be:

What type of commercial oven do I need in my Bakery?

Convection Oven

Without a doubt you will need a convection oven. It does not matter if you are baking a cake or bread. If you want a consistent finish, you need a convection oven. The next question is, how big? Not to sound like a broken record, but please do not run out to your local store and buy a residential model. These units are not designed to be on all day and using them in a commercial environment will (in most situations) void their warranty.

Counter Top Ovens

If you are just starting and do not plan to bake more than one or two pans at a time, a countertop model might work for you. I’m not talking about a toaster oven. I am speaking of a commercial Counter top oven. These models are often used when there is no ventilation hood, but please check with your local health codes before moving forward with this idea.

Full Size Ovens

Once the countertop model will no longer do, the full size ovens are your next step up. Most have double doors, and are fueled by natural gas or propane (so yes, you will need a commercial hood). But if you are baking this much, then this will be an investment that is well worth it. Plus, remember, there are always financing options.

Ovens can continue to grow with your bakery. Maybe you need roll in racks or a specialty oven, like a brick oven. The options are vast and we cannot possibly mention them all in this post.

Finished Product

Once you have your finished product, it is time to show it off. A nice display case will help you display your product and keep those little fingers out of the icing. Display cases are available in many sizes and colors and with or without refrigeration.

We hope your bakery is successful and creates many memories long into the future.

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