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Trendy Table Tops for Tasteful Restaurants

Posted by SYG on 11/27/2017

Atmosphere is very important in a restaurant. It sets the mood for how people receive your food. Having a trendy themed restaurant can be a bit temperamental, with the fleeting nature of trends. However, here is a list of trends that we think aren’t going to go out of style any time soon.

  • LED Candles:  Even though they are a much safer an inexpensive alternative to flame candles, many establishments have resisted the LED lighting. The romantic appeal of a candle lit dinner just doesn’t go out of style. However, new advances have made several LED lights mimic real flames, without the higher price. Plus, LED lights can last for several months, rather than a few hours.
  • Creative Shapes: Eye catching plating can enhance the dining experience and become a talking point about your restaurant (along with the great food of course!). Squared plates have become popular in recent years; a nice change of scenery from the round dinnerware. Even more recently, L-shaped plates have become popular as they can fit together or look stylish apart.
  • Metals: Metallic tones are adding glitz to tables without taking away from the casual dining experience. Warmer metals like gold, bronze, brass, and copper are outpacing cool tones like silver, aluminium, titanium, and stainless steel. However pewter is making it’s way onto the scene because of it’s rustic look and tarnish-resistant qualities. Mixing cool and warm toned metals can be a great way to modernize your tables without having to replace what you already have.
  • Natural: Woods , bamboo, and grassy textures are very stylish, especially if they are locally sourced and eco-friendly. Leaf motifs on plates or centerpieces can be seasonal, or if they are neutral tones, can bring the outside in all year round.
  • Patterns: Geometric and floral patterns have been in design trends for years, so having something with bold patterns that you can bring out on special occasions will keep your restaurant fresh and modern.

Customers come to restaurants not just for food, but for an experience. You can control the atmosphere of the dining experience with small changes to table top design without having to renovate the whole establishment. Just remember to pay attention to details and keep it interesting and fresh.

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