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Here’s A Perfectly Fine Crepe Machine

Want the perfect crepe ? To get the perfect crepe you have to own the perfect crepe machine! Eurodib is offering the perfect crepe machine manufactured by Krampouz in Brittany, France. They are the inventors of the ORIGINAL CREPE

GRIDDLE, there crepe machines offers quality and insurmountable reliability. These crepe machines are available in both Electric (110v/220v) and Gas (natural and/or Propane) in addition to offering single and double units Krampouz provides there clients with the most attractive line of crepe machines available in today’s market. Not only do they offer you the best crepe machine available, all of the machines comes with a wooden spreader and spatula! We here at JES Restaurant Equipment are proud carriers of Eurodib products, just give us a call at 866-200-6056.

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