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Rules of Table Etiquette in High Society [Infographic]

Prescriptive rules of etiquette — even those starchy, hoity-toity, three-sorts-of-dinner-fork type rules — didn’t just crop up randomly. Smart people like Judith Martin, Amy Vanderbilt, and Emily Post paid close attention to both successful dinner guests and unpopular ones and thought about how the differences in their social tics affected the flow of a conversation or the atmosphere in a room. They listed these behaviors in notebooks, found the patterns, and then got their findings published. Good and bad manners existed well before Emily Post — all she did was jot them down.

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The Best Way to Host a Beer Tasting

Over the years, wine tasting has become a fairly standard practice among those looking to expand their cultural and technical understanding of alcoholic beverages. But with the relatively recent rise to prevalence of smaller batch craft beers, combined with our modern ease of importing foreign goods, beer tasting is beginning to become a popular pass time for both seasoned aficionados and new beer drinkers alike.

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Happy Halloween from the Spookiest Company in Restaurant Equipment!

Halloween is here and… well, the office has been strange today. I keep looking over my shoulder and RoboCop is staring right back at me. Not spooky exactly… more like unsettling. Anyway, here’s some of team decked out in their Halloween get-ups.

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Scotsman is Offering a Rebate on Energy Efficient Ice Makers

With a dire concern for our environment becoming an ever-increasing issue, Scotsman, a leading manufacturer in commercial ice makers, is joining forces with Energy Star® and offering rebates up to $500 on energy-efficient Scotsman ice machines.

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A Sneak Peak at Cambro Healthcare Products

In 2009, Cambro announced their new line of healthcare products. Cambro Healthcare has a drive to become the best provider of healthcare meal delivery systems in the world. Many of their products appeal to the most elite of money-saving shoppers.

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Maintain Your Fryer By Using Oil Purifiers and Filters

If motor oil is the lifeblood of your car, fryer oil is the lifeblood of your fryer. Fryers must have oil to operate and that’s why oil must be managed to increase the longevity of your fryer. Oil degradation often occurs from essentially three things: hydrolysis, oxidation, and polymerization. Hydrolysis is caused by moisture getting into your oil and the effect is the breakdown of your oil and poor coloring. Oxidation is the cause of air or oxygen accelerated by light, trace metals. This causes harmful compounds such as peroxides, volatile compounds/ toxins like aldhydes, ketones, alcholos, hydrocarbons, etc. Polymerization results in solid build-up, greasy food, bad tasting food, and foaming and smoking of the oil. Polymerization of your oil happens when other triglycerides and improper oil keeps from flowing evenly.

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Scotsman is now offering 0% Financing on Commercial Ice Machines

Scotsman Offering 0% Financing on Commercial Ice Makers and Machines

Scotsman has been a frontrunner for manufacturing the world’s leading ice machines. Their company has specialized in reducing water usage and cost for utilities by making Prodigy® and Nugget Ice cubes. They have been voted best-in-class from Foodservice Equipment & Supplies magazine. Now the same company that for years has offered quality ice machine products is now offering the same quality with their offer on all Scotsman Commercial customers.

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Ever Wonder How Refrigerators Work?

Since the beginning of time people have searched for ways to preserve the shelf life of food. Today we may take for granted that our refrigeration units offer a cold haven for food that would otherwise quickly spoil, but it wasn’t to long ago that we were seeking out caves, or drying out food to keep it stored.

Today 98% of US homes own a refrigerator, and 21% own two or more. But many people don’t know how these appliances work. (And many of us are not even sure if the light stays on when you close the door.) No matter if it’s commercial or residential the basics are the same, and during a recent meeting of our service department one of our helpful technicians showed the staff the sequence of operation for refrigeration.

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Jack-O-Lantern Carving Tips

Throughout the month we have been post tips on our Twitter account to help you when it gets time to carve the pumpkin this year for the Halloween holiday. Now that it’s so close to the holiday, here’s a look back at some of the best tips.

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Make Oil Last Longer Inside Your Deep-Fryer

The holiday season is swiftly approaching and chances are most of us will be frying turkey, chicken, ham, etc. Most use deep-fryers in order to fry a certain quantity of food in one instance. Deep-frying is very time-saving for a large group of people, and its cooking methods often retain a certain amount of flavor and juices in foods products.

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Check Out This Awesome BSA Dutch Oven with Fleur-De-Lis Logo!

Chances are some of you might be taking a camping trip this fall. Camping can be a great experience, but that experience can only be heightened with the right tools . One of the most important things about camping is successfully cooking your own meals. This is much more rewarding if you are using the right tools. Here is a good checklist for any camper who wants a genuine, cooking experience.

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Teach your Garçons and Serveuses Proper Tableside Wine Serving

Pouring wine at the table has long been considered the purview of high class and expensive restaurants. While you do need a bit of knowledge and a fairly well-stocked wine selection to justify performing the wine serving ritual, bringing the wine pouring routine out to the table will help to add a bit of interactivity and a touch of class to any restaurant. Here is a quick run-down of the process for anyone interested in serving wine at their customers’ tables.

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Chef Phil Shows Us How to Make a Funnel Cake at Home

We’ve been begging him, so Chef Phil finally taught us how to make funnel cake at home. We hope you enjoy!

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There’s A Big Difference Between Residential & Commercial Warranties

Although manufacturer warranties have made the world of expensive consumer purchases a much safer place to shop, they can sometimes be tricky things. Many warranties come with sets of extenuating circumstances that can render them invalid if the product is used in the wrong way or in the wrong location. Restaurant equipment often includes several of these special-case details, so it is important to read through the warranty sheets on your new equipment before replacing any old machines.

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What Attachments Does My Mixer REALLY Need?

Do you own a KitchenAid stand mixer but don’t seem to use it quite as much as you would like? Perhaps it’s time to consider some accessories to expand the usefulness of your mixer, but where to begin? KitchenAid’s accessories list is fairly expansive, and can be intimidating to search through if you don’t know exactly what you are looking for, but this KitchenAid accessories guide from the J.E.S. Restaurant Equipment Learning Center will give you a good overview of what each attachment does and which set of attachments will best suit your particular kitchen activities.

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Wooden Rolling Pins & How to Clean Them Properly

Recently, one of our customers posted a very congenial comment about our customer service on our Facebook page. She bought a rolling pin, that she had a hard time locating elsewhere, from us and we advised her on how to care for it. I realized that this would be practical information to share with others who may not know how to properly care for a wooden rolling pin.

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The Top 10 Presents For The Foodie You Love

The best present you can give an adult-aged person is something that you’ve made yourself. This self-made gift can be painted or written down or glued together or baked — whatever idiosyncratic skill that you have, access it, materialize it, wrap it up, and then stick it under the fir.

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Chilly Weather is Grilling Weather

The weather is getting cooler, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop grilling. With our Star GX14IS model two-sided grill, you can continue your grilling indoors with this electric grill model. This model is perfect for restaurants with confined spaces. It is ideal for grilling tortillas, sandwiches, burritos, steaks, chicken, fish and small steaks.

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No More Dry, Undercooked Meat

You set a roast in your conventional oven to bake for 30 minutes at 350°. After that time, you pull out your roast and it is under cooked in parts. You cut into the roast and realize it is completely dried out! There is a possibility these missteps could have been avoided if only you had chosen to bake your roast in a convection oven instead.,

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Everything a Hostess Needs for Her Next Party

With Halloween fast approaching, most of us choose to throw a party. But what is a party without a few sweet delicatessens? Here at J.E.S., we have everything to accommodate your party baking needs.

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Should I Buy an Electric or Handheld Knife Sharpener?

Today a Bar-B-Que restaurant owner stopped by our showroom to have several of his knives sharpened on one of our M2100 Chef’s Commercial Diamond Hone Knife Sharpeners. A question arose from his visit. Which are better? Electric or manual knife sharpeners?

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Everything You Need to Know About Stainless Steel

If you are browsing on our website, you will notice the majority of equipment we have is made of stainless steel. When it comes to commercial restaurant equipment this durable metal is the defining difference between economy and quality brand items. If you have noticed, some of our descriptions go into great detail about the types of stainless steel grades we offer.

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Now’s the Time to Prepare for Carnival Season!

The leaves are turning and autumn is in full swing. Harvest festivals are here and with that comes caramel apples, cotton candy, funnel cakes and the like. Now you can bring the taste of fall to your home or business with a few of our concession products.

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How to Make a Mean Cup of Joe

The weather is getting cooler and a rich cup of cappuccino is just the thing to keep you warm during these chilly months. The IMIX-3 Infusion iMIX hot drink dispenser, Cappuccino, 3 hoppers is ideal for making a finely-brewed, rich cappuccino.

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Goedemorgen: A Visit from Holland

Earlier this week, J.E.S. was paid a visit by one of our representatives from the Holland Grill Company . He brought with him two of Holland’s best selling grills (the Epic and the Wrangler ) to demo some of their unique capabilities and features by cooking a variety of foods for the J.E.S. staff to sample. By the end of the evening, the grills had been used to prepare sausage, bacon, biscuits, cinnamon rolls, chicken, steak, pork, mushrooms, pizza, and even apple pie. Everything was delicious and perfectly cooked, and sampling the various items really proved the efficacy of Holland’s unique one-temperature convection grilling design.

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