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The Ice Cold Truth from Ice-O-Matic

Ice-O-Matic has recently started a new marketing initiative to help inform customers about their ice machines and provide the information needed to help shoppers determine what sort of ice machine will best suit their particular needs. Here are a few of the talking points from the Ice Cold Truth on Ice Machines campaign that explain why Ice-O-Matic is currently one of the best choices in ice-making technology:

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This Checklist Will Make Your Restaurant’s Valentine’s Day Less Chaotic

I don’t think I need to tell you that Valentine’s Day is a busy time for restaurant owners. It’s a hectic day and if you aren’t prepared, your restaurant could end up embarrassing itself — no one wants that. So before the big day rolls around, there are a few questions you need to ask yourself.

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EmberGLO “The World’s Greatest CharBroiler”

Control Flame Flareups - Only on an EmberGlo Broiler!
Watch behind the scenes footage and interviews of Chicago's own manufacturer, EmberGlo. Meet the visionaries and watch the broiler and "Flaretrol" in action! See char-broiling at its finest with steaks, sausages, and veggies!

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The Smartest Ice Machine on the Planet: Scotsman Prodigy Commercial Ice Machines

The Prodigy ice machines from Scotsman are the smartest ice machines on the planet, and here’s why:

1 Cost Saving Efficiency:  Prodigy cubers use significantly less energy and water than traditional ice machines, making them among the first cubers to exceed both the 2008 California Energy Commission and 2010 Federal energy efficiency regulations by up to 22%.  That’s up to 28% more than their nearest competitor.

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A Short & Sweet History of Dexter-Russell

Dexter-Russell, Inc. has been a leading manufacturer in the finest cutlery products since 1818. They are still the largest and oldest cutlery manufacturer in the United States. They are the successor of the two oldest cutlery manufacturers in America.

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How to Take Care of Wooden Spoons and Other Utensils

Wooden utensils are standard kitchen fare, so caring for them properly is a topic that’s going to naturally arise.   I never expected it to be controversial, but in some ways, it is.  Here are some pointers about caring for them.

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So Delicious! Here’s an Easy Bundt Cake Recipe: Chocolate Rose Bundt

A Bundt® cake is great for almost any occasion whether it be a holiday, wedding, or just a complementary dessert to go with your favorite meal. For years Nordic Ware, a leader in residential kitchen equipment, has been making great Bundt® pans in all shapes and sizes.

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The Lowdown on Panini & Sandwich Grills

Panini Sandwiches are all the rage & it seems like everyone has them on the menu now… shouldn’t you?

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The Types of Commercial Toasters

J.E.S. Restaurant Equipment is your one stop shop for all your restaurant supplies and we have some great deals on commercial toasters.

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Knife Sharpening 101

Chef Phil gives us a tip on how to properly sharpen your knives in the kitchen. This vid was shot in the showroom kitchen at J.E.S. Restaurant Equipment Also, follow us on Youtube for future vids.

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Why Does it Take Longer to Boil Eggs at Higher Elevations?

You Have probably heard that it takes longer to cook hard-boiled eggs in the mountains than at sea-level, but do you know why? It's actually very simple, and understanding the science behind this phenomenon will make you a better chef.

Imagine two identical saucepans , one resting on a kitchen shelf in New Orleans and the other one perched high up in Denver, Colorado.

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55 Years at Cambro

Cambro has been a leading manufacturer in cafeteria, restaurant, and even medical small wares. The company was originally founded by two brothers, Bill and Argyle Campbell. They started selling their first product, the Camtray® to the American Hospital Supply Corporation. After that, this product was quickly embraced by restaurant, hotel, school and cafeteria operators.

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A Great Tasting Family Tradition: How A Local Family Recipe Started A Barbecue Empire

Brian has always had a sense of taste when it comes to the quality of slow cooked barbecue. A traditional family recipe that has been passed down from generation to generation turned a lucrative profit for him and his family four years ago. It was at that time Brian decided to take his family recipe and start what is now known as BareBonz BBQ. Since this time, his establishment has garnered more than 80 BBQ awards around the state of South Carolina including the Laurens Squealin’ on the Square grand champion award and the Gerald Ledbetter Award for Barbecue at the South Carolina Festival of Discovery.

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NAFEM Show 2013: Orlando!

This year’s NAFEM show is gearing up to be an important opportunity for foodservice equipment professionals to take a look at the newest innovations and upcoming products in the industry. The biennial North American Association of Food Equipment Manufacturers (NAFEM) show is one of the industry’s biggest conventions, and the expo’s unique What’s Hot! What’s Cool!® gallery shows off the latest and greatest in food service technology. In addition to standard manufacturer booths, the one-stop What’s Hot! What’s Cool!® exhibit allows visitors to take a look at all of the newest and upcoming products from a variety of different manufacturers all at one time.

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How to Watch Your Weight with Food Service Scales

Yes portion control is critical when trying to loose weight but its also a necessary evil in every kitchen.  If you aren’t “watching your weight”, food costs are sure to soar through the roof.

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ATTN: Prince Castle is now available at JES. That is all.

J.E.S. Restaurant Equipment is always supplying an array of equipment for various foodservice restaurants, which also includes the fast food industry. One of our primary manufacturers, Prince Castle, was founded in 1955 and has been a pioneer and innovator in introducing new technologies to thousands of restaurants. Over the years, Prince Castle has worked globally with many foodservice leaders to help improve their kitchens. They are dedicated to making the foodservice industry fast and efficient with innovative products that make employee productivity easier.

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Make It *Pop*: Increase Your Sales with Colored Popcorn

Selling popcorn in your store or concession stand is a great way to bring in profits with very low investment spent on materials and operating costs. The familiarity and convenience of popcorn makes it a universally appealing, easy to eat snack that almost anyone can enjoy. But sometimes even the most tried and true routines can stand for a bit of innovation.

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How To Prevent Cross Contamination

It’s an ugly topic, but if we want beautiful dining experiences, we have to address it.  A common cause of food borne illness is cross-contamination, which requires effort to combat.   Cross-contamination is the spreading of pathogens from one surface to another, whether from foods, containers, hands, or the very air breathed by a sick employee.  We’re at war with cross-contamination, and confront it on every side.  Unfortunately, our enemy is everything within and about your restaurant environment.

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We Received A Very Nice Letter From One Of Our Customers


We recently received a very complimentary Facebook post from Denise about a member of our sales team, Carl.  He went above and beyond the call of duty to keep a customer posted on a small item, and she remembered that when she needed a larger item.

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EmberGlo Just Released Their New Top Injection Steamer… Get Excited!

Steamers have always been a great way to lock in the necessary vitamins and minerals that most foods wouldn’t have if boiled or baked. With pressurized injection steamers, food items are impaled by hollow needle shaped injectors. A tube then enters the steam chamber through one of the side walls and sprays tap water through holes on the sides. The water falls onto a heat compression plate and immediately vaporizes the water, which in essence steams the contents inside.

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A Powerful, Boilerless, Connectionless, Energy-Efficient Electric Steamer

For many years, Americans have been using boiler steamers in their commercial kitchens. These items proved to be safer than pressure steamers. One of the biggest drawbacks for boiler-based steamers is that both gas and electric models use electric elements that are soaked in water. This leads to scale build-up elements that create an insulated coating, which cuts down heat output and can even lead to burn-outs and a higher need for replacement parts.

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How To Choose A Commercial Dishwasher, Part Two

Welcome Back!

In the first part of this series of blogs from J.E.S. Restaurant Equipment we talked about the differences between high temperature commercial dishwashers and low temperature (a.k.a. chemical sanitizing) commercial dishwashers and pointed out some of the pro’s and con’s of each.  In this installment we will discuss the differences between under-counter commercial dishwashers , door type commercial dishwashers , & conveyor type commercial dishwashers .

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How To Choose A Commercial Dishwasher, Part One

Commercial Dishwashers come in a plethora of shapes, sizes, & brands and choosing the best dishwasher for your application can be a little overwhelming. In this series of blogs from J.E.S. Restaurant Equipment we will cover the different types of commercial dishwashers and discuss some of the major differences in an effort to help you make an educated decision when you purchase your commercial dishwasher.

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Coca-Cola Brand Furniture From Vitro Seating

J.E.S. Restaurant Equipment is proud to offer the entire Coca-Cola Brand line of furniture from Vitro Seating . Together with Coca-Cola they have designed a beautiful line of Coca-Cola themed seating and tables that are sure to stun with their elegant designs and vibrant colors.

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Restaurant Furniture and So Much More

Hey Guys & Girls

Just wanted to drop a quick line and let everyone know J.E.S. Restaurant Equipment carries a full line of Oak Street Manufacturing restaurant furniture.  The high quality restaurant furniture from Oak Street Manufacturing is guaranteed to fit any budget and decor.

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