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The Simple Berry Smoothie

Posted by Jeremy Baker on 1/27/2016

As a teenager I was that type of finicky eater who'd eat heaps of his own mother's cooking but who could hardly look at a morsel of somebody else's without shuddering. When my friends and I would go out to Taco Bell or McDonald's or someplace, I'd skip on the food and just order a soda. A teenager who doesn't eat McDonald's! — can you even imagine?

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The Benefits of Online Ordering for Restaurants

Posted by Tim Sunderland on 1/27/2016
Benefits Of Online Ordering for Restaurants

Online ordering for restaurants has been growing in popularity for some time now and for good reason! Providing the option to place online orders has many benefits for both the restaurant and the customer. If you haven’t yet added this service for your business, here are just some of the benefits of online ordering for restaurants…

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