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Oyster Roast Checklist – Oyster Knives and Kettles

Oyster Roasts have become one of the biggest low country traditions along the southern coast line. Where as in many other areas oysters are consumed raw or on the half shell, indoors, people in Charelston and the surrounding region gather outside to shuck these little roasted mollusks, drink beer and have a good time until they are spent. If you’ve been invited to one of these festive gatherings your in for a treat, but to someone who’s never attended an event like this the do’s and dont’s of such an eccentric tradition can seem a bit overwhelming. Here’s a little bit of info and a few tips to help any newcomer be prepared for their first shucking experience.

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Cookin’ Mahi-Mahi with Chef Rob Eaton

J.E.S. was recently paid another visit by local chef Rob Eaton to put together another informative recipe video. This time, we cut, clean, and cook a side of mahi-mahi with fresh mango salsa and sauteed vegetables.

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The Mad Genius of Pan Liners

We know why we use Pan Liners in our homes, but we’ve only recently started to extrapolate that, if pan liners are a good idea for small applications, they’re an even better idea for larger applications, such as restaurants.  All the conveniences we love about them at home carry over, in a large and money-saving way, to our restaurant.

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How to Buy Food Equipment for a Hospital

When the Cambro Healthcare Products catalog landed on my desk earlier this week I took one look and was blown away by the beautiful meal delivery ware that was inside.  I had become briefly familiar with the Cambro Healthcare line when I sold a couple meal delivery carts and some of the meal delivery ware to the television show “Mercy” for use in the first season of the new show.  Cambro Healthcare has made it simple to design the meal delivery system that will fit your budget and food service needs.  Its as easy as 1,2,3,4… in four easy steps you will build your traytop and pick yor delivery method.

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T&S Brass – The Smart Choice for Schools

Although often considered the purview of the restaurant industry, high-quality faucets and plumbing solutions are not limited to the hustled environments of busy commercial restaurants. With school attendance increasing every year, top-notch faucets, hoses, and drain systems are becoming more and more of a necessity in today’s schools. As a company fully aware of this increasing need, T&S Brass is ready to supply you and your staff with everything that you need to guarantee the safety, durability, and cleanliness that your educational institution demands. Below are just a few of the reasons why T&S is the best choice when purchasing new equipment for your school.

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The MX2000 Master Mixer Handheld Immersion Mixer is On Sale!

The MX2000 Master Mixer from Dynamic International is a powerful handheld immersion mixer that mixes, purees, and emulsifies up to 25 gallons with ease.  The ergonomic handle makes it easy to grip and the continuous function auto run button allows you to mix continuously or pulse.  With a stainless steel shaft & titanium plated blade this mixer is sure to be durable, dependable, and long lasting.  The MX2000 is great for making delicious salsa, tasty cream soups, creamy mashed potatoes, flavorful sauces, mayonnaise, fruit creams, and so much more.  Dynamic backs this wonderful handheld immersion blender with a 1 year parts and labor warranty.  The MX2000 has a powerful 460 watt (almost 3/4HP) motor that is capable of producing an incredible 9000rpm so it will make quick work of anything you subject to its power.

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Get Your Ice Totes and Ice Scoops on the Cheap!

One of the more recent focuses in food safety is the potential contamination of restaurant ice. An independent study in Chicago showed that on average 1 out of every 5 restaurant’s and bar’s ice contains more bacteria than toilet water. Needless to say this resulted in a pretty big public concern from 2007 to 2008. In the food service industry ice is used for two key reasons: keeping food cold and to serve in beverages, both of which will be consumed by the customer. So here’s a few points to help you prevent contamination and to give you one less thing to worry about when that next health inspection comes around.

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JES is Offering Discounted Prices on Hoshizaki Freezers and Refrigerators

Hoshizaki is a leading manufacturer in commercial refrigeration and freezer units. Located out of Peachtree City, GA, Hoshizaki has some of the top facilities for refrigeration/freezer manufacturers in the country. Many of these Hoshizaki refrigeration units are Energy Star approved and made in America.

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Learn the Big Differences Between Commercial and Residential Dishwashers

When choosing what dishwasher will go into your commercial space the first decision will be what type of dishwasher you need, commercial or residential. For most commercial operations, such as restaurants, bars, or cafeterias, commercial will be the obvious choice. In fact commercial dishwashers are recommended for all business applications except for small office breakrooms. So what is the difference between a commercial dishwasher and its residential counterpart?

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Seven Tips for Deep Frying from the Experts

If you have been having trouble getting your deep frying right, don’t worry—it’s really not as simple as it looks. Deep frying is often depicted as a quick and easy method of cooking that only someone who was not paying attention could mess up. After all, you’re just dunking some food in some oil, right?

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How To Care For Silverware


When opening and stocking a restaurant, one of your initial investments will have to be in flatware.  High quality flatware is well-worth the cost upfront, because it’s going to be used constantly and you aren’t going to want to be replacing it frequently.  With that idea in mind, we’ve put together a list of practical tips to extend the life of your commercial flatware.

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The Ma & Pop Restaurant Can Survive the Digital Age

Since the advent of social media, everyone has been tweeting, facebooking, linking in, etc. The restaurant industry is no exception. Foodies across the nation have been flocking to different social media outlets in order to get a taste of what their favorite restaurants are doing now. It takes a certain amount of creativity to market your restaurant for a higher customer following.

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The Beginner’s Guide to Commercial Ice Machines

Are you starting a new restaurant, convenience store, cafeteria, bar, or any other business that requires ice? Is your current commercial ice machine becoming a money pit due to excessive service calls and replacement parts? Are you looking to replace that old commercial ice machine with a newer more energy efficient model? Here are some thing to consider when buying a new commercial ice machine: what will I be using the ice for, what type of ice do I need, and how much ice do I need?

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The Glassware of Craft Beer [Infographic]

You must’ve heard that 75% of taste actually comes from the way a thing smells. So tell me this: why would any reasonable person keep good beer confined inside the bottle? Release it! Let it breathe! Whenever beer is poured into a glass, its bubbles get dislodged and float to the surface, tugging those delicious beery aromas along with them. But as you’re soon to find out, choosing a beer glass is more complicated than just opening the cupboard and grabbing whichever one’s in front. Scroll through this infographic and you’ll learn which glass your beer needs—nay—deserves.

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Actually, Outdoor Kitchens are the Cure for the Summertime Blues

It’s snowing here today, but before we know what hit us, (Ok, it was a snow ball…) summer will be here, and we’ll want to be outside for different reasons.  This brings me to the greatest development since campfires, the outdoor kitchen, which combines two  popular gathering spots, the kitchen and the back yard, in a way that enhances both.

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Things That Every Smoothie Shop NEEDS

With the recent rise in interest of superfoods and fruit-based diet plans, smoothies have become more popular than ever. Once a risky business model at best, dedicated smoothie shops are now opening—and thriving—all over the country. With relatively straightforward lists of ingredients and lots of cross-over between menu offerings, running a smoothie shop requires little overhead and can bring in steady profits, if properly equipped. If you’re thinking about starting up a juice or smoothie shop of your own, here are a few of the necessary items to keep your operation running without a hitch.

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A New National Law Gives Tax Breaks to Small Business Owners

Small business restaurants will be looking for a bright future this year. The National Restaurant Association is calling it “…a good time to look at your capital improvement plan.” Now that President Obama has signed the Small Business Jobs & Credit Act of 2010, Section 179 of this law gives a tax break to small businesses. Restaurants and manufacturers can now write off investments in new capital expenditures for up to $500,000. This section gives restaurants an additional incentive to buy restaurant equipment within the next 14 months.

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Vulcan, Wolf, & Berkel: Three Food Service Superstars

If you are in the restaurant business you know the names Vulcan, Wolf, & Berkel.

For over 130 years, Vulcan has been recognized by chefs and operators throughout the world for top-quality, energy efficient commercial cooking equipment that consistently produces spectacular results.  Today Vulcan is among the world’s largest manufacturers of commercial cooking equipment, with worldwide distribution of the broadest line of gas and electric cooking equipment.  Vulcan’s new slogan boasts “Done to perfection”…. one look at their equipment and you’ll see the perfection they speak of.   Another member of the Vulcan Food Equipment Group is Wolf,  Since 1938 Wolf commercial cooking equipment has provided the food-service industry with simple, trouble-free performance, exceptional durability and outstanding energy efficiency. In even the most demanding kitchen environments, depend on Wolf’s hardworking, easy-to-use products to deliver the superior value your operation needs to succeed.  The third member of the Vulcan Food Equipment Group is Berkel and for over 100 years Berkel has has produced reliable equipment that chefs and operators depend on for consistently great results.  Since 1898 when W.A. Van Berkel, a butcher in Rotterdam of the Netherlands, invented a way to slice more meat to better serve his customers, the Berkel name has been synonymous with slicing.

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Save (Money, Electricity, the Planet, etc.) with Energy Star Partners

Thanks to the joint efforts of the U.S. Department of Energy and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, “Energy Star” has become a relatively ubiquitous term in the foodservice industry over the last decade. With the world’s increasing focus on energy efficiency and environmental awareness, Energy Star approved products are becoming more and more appealing to restaurant owners and other foodservice providers. “Going green” already brings a variety of benefits in terms of energy consumption, reduced environmental impact, and positive marketing bonuses, but now many electrical companies are offering financial incentives for switching to energy efficient devices, as well.

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But What About The R&V Works Cajun Fryer?

If you are looking to fry a lot of food for a big crowd, chances are you might want to try a Cajun fryer. If you’re not sure what a Cajun fryer is or if it’s even worth your time to buy, then allow me to explain in further detail.

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All About Stainless Steel Work Tables & Equipment Stands

Stainless steel work tables and equipment stands are found in most every commercial kitchen around the world.  Stainless steel is durable, resistant to corrosion, easy to clean, and aesthetically pleasing.  These factors make stainless steel the perfect choice for commercial work tables and equipment stands.  Stainless steel has been the choice material for restaurant equipment manufacturers the world over for years because of its durable finish, ease to clean, and its brilliant appearance.

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Low Flow and Good to Go: The Low-Flow Spray-Valve Buying Guide

Some of you may not realize it, but in a typical restaurant the dishwasher consumes over two-thirds of all the water usage. Nearly one-half of the water used in dish washing is consumed by the pre-rinse spray valve.

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You’ve Never Seen Ice Like This Before

This year’s NAFEM show in Orlando, Florida has officially begun, with exciting news from Hoshizaki about the newest additions to their ever-expanding lines of high-quality commercial ice machines. This year, Hoshizaki is launching a new square cube ice machine, bringing their already versatile family of ice styles up to 5 different types of crystal clear, commercial grade ice.

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The Ins, Outs, Ups, and Downs of Food Cabinets for Bakeries

Food vendors must prepare food on a daily basis and most of that food is not going to last for an extended period of time; this is why heated food displays are so critical to the restaurant industry-namely fast food establishments and food court vendors. For those of you who are just starting out in the restaurant business, a heated food display is a glass enclosed case that encapsulates and retains heat to keep your already cooked food warm for longer periods of time all while showcasing your food items to customers.

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Market Your Restaurant for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is next weekend, and should be a thriving, exciting time for your restaurant, bar, or foodservice operation.  We’ve had some ideas we think can help you make the most of this season.

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