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How To Prevent Gluey Mashed Potatoes

how to prevent gluey potatoes

This dinner disaster can start as early as using the wrong potatoes. Waxy potatoes, such as Red Rose, White Rose, and Yukon Gold varieties, are best suited for boiling and mashing because they have less starch and a higher moisture content.

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Crockpot Asian Pepper Steak

Crockpot Asian Pepper Steak

Take some inexpensive ingredients and make them taste like a million dollars!

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Strawberry Chocolate Amaretto Parfait

Fresh strawberries are one of late spring's annual recurring joys.  This cool parfait is easily prepared without turning on any heated appliance,  and can be customized to the age of your guests.

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What Are Johnnycakes?

Johnny Cakes

Depending on where you are on the East coast this early American staple is called by many different names. Jonnycake, ashcake, battercake, corn cake, cornpone, hoecake, and journey cake are all regional names for this cornmeal flatbread.

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