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Knife Guide: Paring Knives

Along with the chef’s knife, paring knives are one of the most commonly used pieces of cutlery in most home and professional kitchens. Although small, the paring knife is one of the most versatile food preparation tools in the chef’s arsenal, allowing one to chop, peel, slice, and carve foods with higher degrees of accuracy than larger knives. As such, paring knives are most commonly used for tasks that require careful detail, such as removing seeds from peppers, de-veining shrimp, cutting garnishes, and more. The smaller size of a paring knife allows it to be more carefully manipulated to achieve precise or intricate cuts that would normally be difficult with a larger blade.

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Hot Hot Hot: CDN Thermometers & Coffee Timers

Coffee’s hot.   I’m speaking of popularity, but it might burn your tongue.   Sherri Johns of the Ultimate Barista Challenge said, “Coffee is your customer’s first, last and lasting impression.”  The market’s tight, discerning and spoiled.  Gone are the days of serving our grandfathers a hot, dark, indefinable beverage and calling it coffee.   We know what we want

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Use Chafers to Grow Your Restaurant

Increasingly busy lifestyles have changed the landscape of dinner time. Family celebrations which were once a clustered in a large dining room are now commemorated at our favorite restaurants. We spend time with our friends, conduct business, date, and sometimes even meet our spouses there. (I have friends who were married in the restaurant where they met.) The foodservice industry is more than an industry. It’s part of our daily existence

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The Flash AdBoard LED Chalkboard is Now Available

About a week ago Vivian walked by my desk and handed me a brochure for a new product, the Flash AdBoard.  What is the Flash AdBoard you may ask… well I’m here to give you the 411 on these very cool & very affordable illuminated rewritable signboards.  This powerful eye catching marketing tool lights up your message like neon using the latest in LED technology.  LED’s (light emitting diode) have a very low energy consumption (3 watts per hour) and will last 100,000 hours (10 years) making this board greener than conventional lighted signs, and less costly operate and maintain.

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A High Chair for the Environmentally Conscious

The state of our environment has become an increasing problem in the last decade. This has never been more the case than in the restaurant and restaurant equipment industry.

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Knife Guide: Chef’s Knives

Any professional or home chef can attest to the importance of a sturdy, dependable chef’s knife. Also known as a French knife or a cook’s knife, the chef’s knife is one of the most common cutting tools used in food preparation, particularly in Western kitchens. A good chef’s knife can be used to cut meat, slice vegetables, and chop herbs, among a variety of other uses. But with this versatility comes the inevitable confusion of choosing which knife to buy when shopping through all of the options and variations that the industry has to offer, especially if this is your first big knife investment. But don’t let that scare you away to a land of low-quality “budget” knives. Arming yourself with a bit of knowledge about exactly what a chef’s knife is and how it is used is a quick and easy way to narrow the search.

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Special Deals on Ice Machines from Ice-O-Matic

If you’re shopping for a new ice maker, you’ll be glad you came here first. We have about seven different deals running right now, all on Ice-O-Matic Machines, all intended to save you money. And every deal is stackable and usable simultaneously, so you’ll be saving a lot of money.

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Manitowoc Has Extended Their 0% APR Financing Offer

This Deal Has Since Expired.

Back in November of 2012, we discussed some of the benefits offered to restaurants and small businesses by the increased tax deductions of the Section 179 depreciation deduction code. Although the bonus deductions have ended with the start of the new year (companies can now only deduct $25,000 in equipment costs, rather than the previous $500,000), Manitowoc has decided to extend their 0% APR financing plans due to customer request.

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How To Get into Juicing: The JES Guide To Commercial Juicers

If you are wanting to buy a juicer, you may think that the process of going out and purchasing one would be very simple; however, there are several types of juicers on the market that you may not be aware existed. The type of juicer all depends on the type of products you plan on juicing and more importantly the thickness of the juice you plan on making.

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Keep Your Milk Cold & Your Customers Happy with a Milk Chiller

Frieling USA, Inc . is a leading manufacturer for a variety of condiment products to gourmet store and retail products. They are located out of Charlotte, NC and because they pride themselves with being a company that does things “differently” they have coined the expression “The Frieling Feeling” to signify their unique presence within the restaurant equipment industry.

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Knife Guide: Meat Cleavers

Cleavers are rugged, rectangular-bladed knives that are most commonly used for quickly chopping through bone in large cuts of meat. Although the term “meat cleaver” has come to be used almost universally in reference to the knife, they are also used for quickly chopping up large fruits and vegetables (such as squash or various melons) that would otherwise be unwieldy with regular kitchen knives. The broad side of the knife also makes it ideal for crushing ingredients like garlic or ginger during food preparation, and the blunt, flat edge on the back of the blade can sometimes be used to tenderize meats in the absence of a traditional meat tenderizer. But despite some of its more versatile uses, the cleaver is designed to do one thing better than any other hand tool: break large, difficult pieces of food into smaller, more manageable pieces of food.

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Spice Up Your Life – Gourmet Spices and Spice Grinders

Variety is the spice of life and this statement’s meaning is no truer than in the place of it’s origin, the kitchen. If you don’t know much about seasoning it can be easy to get bored with the food that your cooking at home, but you don’t have to go out to restaurants to get those flavorful aromatic dishes that you crave so much. The best way to spice up your relationship with your food is to add a few extra ingredients to your pantry.

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Here’s The Lowdown on this Whole Food Truck Situation

Perhaps you are wanting to start a restaurant but you are not really sure where to start. If your funds are very limited and you aren’t sure where to begin, perhaps a food truck would be a good alternative for the new restaurateur such as yourself. This is actually a great way to expand the existing sales of restaurants or simply start a new restaurant from the ground up. Restaurant trucks now serve almost anything you could possibly imagine.

Shop JES Restaurant Equipment's Food Truck Category Here.
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Why, It Must Be Awards Day!

Yesterday proved to be an exciting day at J.E.S. Restaurant Equipment.  We hosted guests from Cannon Marketing, for the ostensible purpose of showing them our new stat board and call center.  (The stat board is in the photo over our heads.)  While they were here, they surprised us with an award for being one of their top partners!  You can see by the smiles on our faces that we’re humbled and pleased.  We enjoy our relationships with our vendors, and always welcome their visits, whether they bring awards or not, but it’s still nice when our efforts are recognized.

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This Story of American Range Will Thaw Your Cold, Cold Heart

American Range has a wonderful “how we got started” story!   During World War II Mourad Demirjian , a plumber in his early 20’s, living on a frozen part of the planet with his wife and children in a time when resources were scarce, decided to keep his family warm.  He used diesel fuel and his knowledge of plumbing to work out a constant-drip system of fueling a small heater.   As he saw this was working, he developed flues to release the fumes, and finally learned how to direct air circulation to warm his entire house.  When neighbors visited, they were impressed and wanted this same luxury, so a new career, building space heaters, was born.  He added windows so his customers could watch the flame and a flattop for warming food.   In the 1960’s, his family immigrated to the US, and used his technology to branch into making cooking equipment.   By the early 1970’s, American Range existed, and his son is running the company today.  Those basic concepts of steady heat, even air circulation, proper ventilation and cooking space are still blatantly in practice in American Range’s line of convection ovens.

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Preventative Maintenence on HVAC and Refrigeration Units is a Must

It was 72 degrees in South Carolina yesterday. The tulips are coming up in my wife’s flowerbed, Bradford pear trees are ready to bloom, and I am calling my customers asking them if they want to spend the best $ 350 they’ll spend all year. In these hard times, $ 350 is a lot when it comes to the bottom line but as the old adage goes “Pay me now or pay me later”.

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Ice-O-Matic Ice Machines Now Come with a 7-Year Warranty. But There’s a Catch.

Ice-O-Matic, a leading manufacturer in commercial ice machines and ice makers, is now offering a seven year parts and labor warranty on the evaporator when you buy an Ice-O-Matic cube-style ice maker.

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Summer Spotlight: Hoshizaki Ice Machines

With the weather getting warmer, the demand for ice cold beverages is—naturally—on the rise. Having a dependable ice machine in your restaurant is critical during those warm summer months. They’ll be here before you know it, too, so be sure to get your orders in early before the heat sneaks up on your business.

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A Layman’s Guide To Pairing Wine

We’ve discussed wine pairing in previous posts, but sometimes a more handy, visual guide can be very useful when making those quick dinner decisions. Here is a comprehensive chart of wine pairing advice, courtesy of

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BPA-Free Products from G.E.T. Manufacturing

Chances are if you are buying any types of food storage container that is made of some sort of polycarbonate plastic material or epoxy resin, then you would want to make sure it is BPA-free before you purchase it.

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How To Pass Your Next Health Inspection

Health inspections for commercial dining venues are a fact of owning such a business, and thank goodness for them, because we’d never want to eat out if there weren’t any guidelines.  The experience can, however, be unnerving to the point of downright terror if you allow it to be.  There are some common sense ideas in preparing for a health inspection that can make it less painful and more successful.

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More Than You Wanted To Know About Restaurant Sinks

One of the most important pieces of equipment in a restaurant is the sink. Commercial sinks come in all shapes and sizes for different purposes, be it food prep, ware washing, and of course, washing your hands. But the most common and useful sink in the industry is the 3 compartment sink. Many food service operations are required to have these sinks to rinse, wash and sanitize utensils, tableware and equipment in the event that their automatic ware washer malfunctions. We recognize the value of the compartment sink’s role in the kitchen so we’ve compiled a list of our top three 3 compartment sinks and reasons why we love them.

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I’m Buying Cafeteria Equipment And I Need Help!

Equipping school cafeterias can be a daunting challenge.  There are federal guidelines to consider, and ever-shrinking budgets for meeting those guidelines, and yet, the fact remains, you feed hundreds or even thousands of children every day, and that requires heavy-duty equipment which will be in constant use.  Determining what you need is only the beginning of facing this challenge.

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Should I Install a Restaurant Range in My Home?

Adding a restaurant range to your home kitchen seems appealing at first. They’re more durable and powerful than residential-style stoves, and they’re stripped of all those nonessential, expensive add-ons. But before you rush headlong into buying a commercial-grade appliance for your house, it’s important that you consider their drawbacks and limitations.

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