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How to Calculate Dishwasher Cost

Choosing the right dishwasher for your restaurant or establishment can seem pretty overwhelming, especially when your current dishwasher just kicked the bucket and your employees are threatening to riot from being forced to manually wash all the dishes in the restaurant. But the more you know about commercial dishwashers the easier it is to decide on the right machine to get your business back on track.

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How To Properly Clean Food Surfaces: Part 2

In our last post we began to discuss cleaning food-contact surfaces, but found it extensive, and decided to make two shorter blogs. Today, we’re getting it to more detail about the correct and safe usage of chemical sanitizers. The proper method of cleaning dishes in three compartment sinks has been previously covered in our blog Wash, Rinse, Sanitize-How to Clean Equipment and Utensils in a Compartment Sink , so in this post, we’ll look at dish machines and cleaning food-contact surfaces which can’t be fitted into either a sink or a dish machine.

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The 2012 Catfish Feastival in Ware Shoals, South Carolina

This small town located just north of Greenwood may not look like much, but anyone who lives nearby knows of their annual catfish “feastival,” which was held this past weekend on Saturday and Sunday. During this 2-day event locals as well as people from out of town gather to celebrate with good food, games, events and live entertainment.

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Ohm on the Range: Induction Cooking and Cookware

Although the concept of induction cooking was first developed back in the early 1900’s, induction cooking equipment has just recently started to catch the attention of the foodservice industry. With the refinement of the technology came lower prices and greater ease of use, and as such this effective and energy-efficient method of cooking is being integrated with increasing regularity into both commercial and residential cooking equipment. Induction cooktops feature a unique suite of benefits that are universally enjoyed by those who invest in the technology, but the cooking mechanism is rather different from most conventional methods, and knowing how it works can help you get the most out of your induction cooker.

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Commercial Ice Machines: Air-Cooled vs Water-Cooled; What’s the Difference?

It seems as though one of the more frequently asked questions around the sales office is, “What’s the difference between air-cooled & water-cooled?”… Well I’m here to give you that answer.  While it may seem as thought the answer is self explanatory most people do not understand the difference or the pros & cons of each.

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Faucets are Changing and T&S Brass is Leading the Pack

For years T&S Brass has been a leading manufacturer in spray valves, commercial faucets and plumbing equipment. T&S Brass has always tried to stay on top of all new regulations by providing quality, innovative products.

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The 7-Series Ice Dispensers – Commercial Quality For The Home

Residential kitchen ice has come a long way from the plastic tray that required constant refilling and hours of waiting only to repeat the process 2 days later. But even with the built-in dispensers that have become standard in refrigerators today the consumer demand for a consistent ice supply still rises.

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The J.E.S. “Don’t You Quit on Me” Award

As we grow older, it is common that we begin to reflect more often upon the people and events that have led us to our current place in life. With age comes a deeper, broader supply of memories and life experiences that allows us a deeper perspective of and respect for the series of past events that would eventually culminate in our singular, present reality. Each of us has a unique story: an individual manner of thinking that has been influenced by the people, places, circumstances, hardships, and successes that we encounter and experience in our lives.

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How To Properly Clean Food Surfaces: Part 1

In my early years as a restaurant manager, I encountered a well-intended 18 year old dish washer (the employee, not the machine) who voiced a misconception that’s uncomfortably present. Having skipped pre-rinsing dishes before they were run through the dish machine , he now found himself facing my instruction to hand-wash dishes which came through the washing cycle with small bits of food stuck on them. He asked why, and I explained that the presence of food on a dish indicated that it was a dirty dish to which he responded, “But it’s clean dirt!” Well now…

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Chili’s Golf Tournament – Sizzlin’ Showdown to Benefit the Greenwood Humane Society

The Greenwood, Mathis store hosted their 10th annual Sizzlin’ Showdown Golf Tournament on Wednesday, May 16th, 2012. Overseen by general manager, Lowrie Wilson, the yearly tournament has been a cornerstone.

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When Should I Replace A Dull Kitchen Knife?


Well, that is to say, almost never. If the blade’s rivets have come loose or its handle has fallen off, then yes, you should buy a new knife—this time, one with a single-piece construction . But if you’re thinking about tossing out your old, trusty knife just because its blade has gone dull, you need to think again. Almost any blade can be sharpened. You just need the right tools.

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Viking D3 Promos

This Deal Has Since Expired.

Summer is almost here, and with the new season comes a variety of deals and specials from our trusted manufacturers. This year, we’re starting the season off with a savings trifecta from Viking Range . To celebrate the changing seasons, many Viking D3 items will feature instant rebates throughout the end of June to help give your home kitchen the Viking edge. These deals will only last through the end of next month, however, so be sure to take advantage of the savings before we get too far into the summer season.

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The Benefits of True Refrigeration

From  salad/sandwich prep tables to  bottle coolers , True Manufacturing has the commercial refrigeration you’re looking for.  True has been an industry leader in commercial refrigeration for 65 years and to this day they continue to go above and beyond in the areas of quality, design, availability and performance.

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It’s Time to Clean Your Commercial Ice Machine

June is right around the corner and being that it is the sixth month of the year its a perfect time to do a little preventative maintenance on your commercial ice machine . The things that I’m going to outline here will only take a few minutes to accomplish and will help keep the ice flowing during the busy summer months ahead.

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Just The Facts: STAR Brand Charbroilers, Part 2

Ultra-Max Lava Rock Gas Char-broiler

Heavy-Duty Ultra-Max lava rock gas char-broilers are designed for high volume food service applications that need maximum performance.

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We’ll Teach You How To Prepare for Carnival Concessions Season

With summer just around the corner, carnival season is soon to be upon us. While this traditionally busy season is usually a delight for concessions operators, the rush of business can quickly turn into a hectic nightmare if you are not ready. Preparing for the summer months is absolutely necessary to ensure that your concessions operation runs smoothly, but if addressed in small, manageable chunks, keeping your stand or trailer up to snuff can become a normal, routine task. Here are a few things to keep in mind while during your spring cleaning.

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Just The Facts: STAR Brand Charbroilers, Part 1

We here at JES know our Charbroilers and Star is top of the line so when selecting a char-broiler Star makes it easy and has just the right model for you! Whether you need the proven reliability or affordability and performance of the Star-Max line, or need high volume, heavy-duty Ultra-Max line, Star Char-broilers will deliver years of trouble-free operation. Star offers Char-broilers in both gas and electric. Lets start with the Gas char-broiler first…

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New and Improved Commercial Refrigeration Products from Arctic Air

It’s not often that we completely change the way we do things but sometimes you just have to take that huge leap to catch up with the times, and that’s exactly what Arctic Air has done. A well known brand of commercial refrigeration, they are upgrading their entire line to keep up with the competition and meet the demands of the industry.

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Common Spanish Words Used by Restaurant Workers

This guide includes the 300 most commonly used Spanish words in restaurant kitchens. It’s the perfect way to communicate with your Spanish-speaking restaurant staff without learning a new language. Bookmark this page, and retrieve it when you need it.

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The Pertinents: STAR Brand Food Warmers & Appliances

To be the best in the food service industry you have to have the best equipment and Star Manufacturing offers you the best available. Food service and concession operators world wide recognize the one name that means “quality equipment” in every language: STAR. Star Manufacturing International, Inc., headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, USA, has been making durable, reliable, quality products since 1921. That year, we introduced our first product, a popcorn machine. Since then, they have grown and expanded into one of the world’s most respected and valued manufacturers of products in six major categories:

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Are You Draining Your Steam-Table Food-Warmer Correctly?

If you are a food service operator and own a steam table food warmer , then chances are you will find yourself having to remove water from the food warmer. The best way to remove water from a steam table is to first turn off the steam table and allow the water to cool completely. Next place a cart with rollers next to the cooled steam table.

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Stow, Roll, & Go! The Stow-Away Portable Bar

The Stow-Away portable bar PB5-24IB-BK and the PB5-BK are ideally styled for serving at wedding receptions, outside bars, and other special events. These portable bars are great for storing drink items and other smaller products on the go. Some specific features of the portable bars are the heavy gauge, aluminum exterior surface and the PB5-24IB-BK comes equipped with a stainless steel ice bin with a drain and petcock valve that holds about 95lbs of ice. There are

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The Long and Short of Menu Planning

Menus are a tender subject for me.  As a busy single mother, I taught my son to read with restaurant menus.  (Yes, I actually read books to the boy as well, but menus were a big part of the process.)  Now I’m writing about the ideal menu length.

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A Glimpse at the JES Crew – Cancer Patient Visits Favorite Football Team

Were switching gears and taking a look at the more personal side of JES Restaurant Equipment . On January 30 of 2012, Kelly Morgan , one of our longtime employees in the parts and services department, and her husband Bill Morgan received the opportunity of a lifetime when they were graciously allowed to visit The University of South Carolina.

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