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How to Host a Wine Tasting, Part 1: Tasting Order

Posted by on 8/30/2015

Hosting a wine tasting at your bar or restaurant can often seem like an intimidating and daunting task, particularly if you are not an expert in all things wine-related. With thousands of years of history and countless wine companies and brands to investigate, even thinking about tapping into the wine industry can seem like an overwhelmingly complex endeavor. But while putting together a good wine tasting does take a bit of time and planning, it can actually be much more manageable than many people may think.

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Children Are People, Too: How To Make A Restaurant Kid-Friendly

Posted by on 8/29/2015

Most restaurant owners hold their breath any time they see a large family walk through the door. They see their establishment turning into pure bedlam with a mom chasing her screaming children around the dining room, knocking over tables and upsetting other patrons. Granted some children are better-behaved than others, but this does not mean you should shy away from making your restaurant a more kid-friendly environment. Kids are customers too and big families can bring in big money for your establishment.

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Any Way You Slice It: Our 4 Meat Slicing Tips

Posted by on 8/27/2015

Let’s get right to it. Here are some tips for a better, safer, and easier food slicer experience. The type of food slicer you have should be based on the frequency at which you use it. Light duty slicers are made for use only a few hours or less a day. If you don’t use it very much at all, a manual slicer would be better economically than an electric slicer. If you use it several hours a day, and you might use it for cheeses, a medium duty slicer would be your best option because it will withstand the use. Whether you choose manual or electric for medium duty is  up to you and your preference. Now, if you are going to be using your slicer constantly throughout the day, you will definitely want a heavy duty slicer that can easily withstand constant use and slicing cheese. Be sure that your blade is stainless steel and don’t forget to get a blade sharpener, otherwise, you won’t be able to cut anything after a while.

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Going Green: Good for the Planet & for your Business!

Posted by on 8/25/2015

There is a considerable amount of buzz these days about “Going Green“, but what exactly does that mean? Well “Going Green” is a very broad activity, but in a nutshell is has to do with anything that is environmentally friendly, from using biodegradable cleaning products, recycling, turning off lights when not in use and the list goes on and on.

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Using Social Media to Promote Your Food Truck

Posted by Amanda on 8/24/2015

With the mobile food industry growing at a rapid rate it’s more important than ever for owners of these meals on wheels to utilize social media. Social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are some of the most valuable, and initially free marketing tools available to business owners, allowing them to reach out to potential customers and encouraging current customers to return for your products or services. But in order to get the most effective results there are certain steps you need to take to increase your number of “friends” and “followers.”

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