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Trip Recap: The Jekyll Island Shrimp & Grits Festival

In addition to selling restaurant equipment at J.E.S. I also work in the concert production industry and a couple weeks ago the gig landed me in Jekyll Island, GA for the 2010 Wild Georgia Shrimp & Grits Festival.  This was not my first trip to Jekyll Island and made for the second consecutive year working at the festival.  The festivities took place amongst the live oaks, which are older than our grandparents, in the beautiful historic district on the island just in front of the Jekyll Island Club Hotel and it was obvious everyone had only one thing in mind, shrimp and grits!  For those readers that still aren’t sure what  “grits” are…  grits are made from coarsely ground corn and when combined with hot water make a delicious porridge like food.  Shrimp and grits however is a delicacy that has been served in the southern states for many many years and has as many variations as there are types of grits and species of shrimp but no matter how you prepare it the name remains the same.

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A Chocolate Fondue Fountain is Something that You Can Buy. Just Hear Us Out…

Chocolate fondue fountains are a unique way to add a feeling of decadence and luxury to your wedding reception, banquet, catering event, or family gathering. Sephra’s collection of commercial-grade chocolate fountains is sure to offer you just the size and finish style that you need at your next event. But once you have the chocolate fountain, the difficulty lies in deciding how to serve (and what to serve with) your chocolate fondue. As chocolate fountains gradually become a more common element at big catering events, the items to be dipped (fruits, cakes, cookies, etc.) are also beginning to standardize somewhat. But with a little bit of thinking outside of the box, your event’s chocolate fountain can be one of the most memorable and original parts of your desert spread.

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Squealin’ On The Square 2012: Win a $50 J.E.S. Gift Card

With the first day of Autumn officially come and gone, it’s almost time for Laurens County’s 12th Annual Squealin’ On The Square barbecue festival. The event is scheduled to take place in downtown Laurens on October 5th and 6th and will feature a professionally judged barbecue cook-off, musical performances, arts & crafts sales, and other community-driven events and vendor booths. This year, the festival will be hosting a charity raffle to help raise money for a member of the local community who has been battling breast cancer.

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Star Mfg Makes THE BEST Counter-top Cooking Equipment

This Deal Has Since Expired.

Since 1921 Star Manufacturing has been producing durable, reliable, quality products for the foodservice and concession industries.

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JES Restaurant Equipment featured in FEDA News & Views article

"JES Restaurant Equipment Finds It's Niche Online"

FEDA - "Dealer's Notebook"
By: Stacy Ward

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An Autumn Rebate — $200 off Refrigerated Bakery Display Cases

During the entire month of October, we’re giving our customers a $200 discount on all Marc Refrigeration’s refrigerated bakery cases — simply enter the coupon code MARCDOWN at checkout and then two-hundred instant dollars will be subtracted from your order.

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Food Boats: The Next Step in Mobile Foodservice

As anyone who has been paying attention to the food industry for the past several years has surely realized, food trucks and food truck culture have been becoming a more and more popular alternative to the traditional “sit-down” restaurant. While far from taking over the foodservice industry as some articles seem to claim, food trucks offer a quick and easy dining alternative – often with a unique theme or concept – for people eating on the go, and they can be found thriving amid the hustle and bustle of busy metropolitan areas around the world. But what of more relaxed environments? What of a summer trip to a nearby lake or a vacation to an island locale? Are these spots out of the question for establishing a profitable mobile foodservice business model?

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Let’s Talk Heat: Radiant

Previously, we discussed convection and conduction methods of heat transfer. Radiant heat is emitted in waves, not direct contact. Waves from the heat source heat whatever object it hits. This is why a fire warms you without you having to touch the flames directly. In ovens, about fifty percent of the cooking is done via radiant heat. Some is through convection with moving hot air, and some through the heat of the pan or surface which is conduction . If a pan is darker, it will absorb the radiant heat a lot more quickly, whereas a lighter or shinier pan will reflect the heat waves.

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Zero Percent Financing on All Manitowoc Merchandise

Between now and December 31st, Manitowoc is offering JES customers 0% Financing for Two Years on any order over $1,000. Using this deal, you can divide your checkout amount into a handful of easy, incremental installments without any due interest whatsoever. To qualify for this offer, fill out our short online application and then fax or email us a return copy — we will reply within hours as to whether you’ve been approved. For detailed information, click here or call us directly at (866) 200-6056.

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Benefits of a French Press Coffee Maker

For those of you that love coffee but are use to getting your daily dose from an automatic coffee maker, I highly recommend you start using a french press. Many people who have not been introduced to quality coffee, may be surprised at the difference.

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Fall Tea Giveaway!

This Contest Has Since Ended.

We are giving away a FREE Tea Sets throughout the month during our Fall Tea Giveaway.

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Autumnal Musings

As the weather finally begins to cool down, some of our employees here at J.E.S. Restaurant Equipment have begun to contemplate the changing seasons. Here’s a quick autumnal reflection from the owner:

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A New, Young Restaurant Firm: Impressive for a Newbie

Supera LLC, a new food service supply outfit headquartered in Denver, already offers a catalog of over 700 products, which is a ridiculous quantity when you consider that this company debuted back in August of 2013, i.e., thirteen months ago; i.e., they've been around for 1.1 years after you round up.

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Let’s Talk Heat: Conduction

Previously we talked about convection heating . This is heating by movement of air or a liquid around something. All ovens use this method of heat transference and specialty convection ovens use it as well, as the name would imply, only they use it more efficiently than say, residential ovens.

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Are You Trying to Start a Pizzeria? Read This First.

One of the most beloved foods around the world, hands down, is pizza. The entire world craves this famous dish that originated from Italy. There is no denying that people love going out to eat. Nowadays with as many people that don’t have time to cook, more and more are starting to eat out. This have left a big avenue open for the pizza industry. This great dish can feed sometimes 6-8 people at one time and leaves an outlet for those wanting to get creative with their culinary expertise.

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Things to Keep in Mind When Starting an Ice Cream Parlor

Regardless of what type of restaurant you decide to open, one thing is for certain: Everyone loves ice cream! Ice cream shops are a great idea for marketing to all age groups from toddlers to senior citizens. The average American eats approximately 6 gallons of ice cream a year, therefore an ice cream shop can be a great investment for you as an entrepreneur.

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People J.E.S. – Join The Already

Recently, when we received our 1,400th perfect rating over at customer review aggregate , we figured, “What’s the harm in maybe collecting screenshots of our favorite reviews and sending out a good-natured, old-fashioned PR release?” Well, as it turned out, the harm there was: negligible. So, here we present our short compilation of ShopperApproved reviews written by actual opinionated customers like—but not exactly identical to—you!

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Let’s Talk Heat: Convection

There are three different types of heat transfer: conduction, convection, and radiant. Each type of heat cooks differently, so this month, take a weekly look at how food reacts when exposed to different types of heat.

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Made In America: Restaurant Equipment From The Fatherland

While many Americans regard this day with memories of sadness today is also a day to be proud. J.E.S. Restaurant Equipment is proud to be an American company that supports many American manufacturers with rich histories beginning right here in the land of the free. That’s why in honor of this tragic yet uniting anniversary we’ve compiled a list of some of our most popular made in the USA products.

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The TI-83 Food Cost Calculator

Don’t be one of the numerous restaurants that close their doors due to poor food cost management.

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What Every Restaurant Owner Should Know Before Buying Used Equipment

One of the more costly items to buy when opening a new restaurant is the equipment. Despite drawing a loan, money goes by quickly in the restaurant industry. You are probably going to have to start your own restaurant with a low-budget but thousands of dollars can be spent in a short period of time. Many restaurateurs choose to buy used equipment as an alternative investment when their funds are tight. There are several things you as a restaurateur should be aware of before purchasing used equipment .

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Don’t Tailgate Like An Amatuer: Check Out These Tailgating Essentials

With the first days of autumn just around the corner, college football seasons are officially in full swing, and another year of tailgate parties is quickly rising on the horizon. Whether big or small, every good tailgating event is likely backed by a collection of various tools and equipment geared towards outdoor cooking. Here is a quick list of recommended items for making your next tailgate a great time for both you and your friends.

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The Manitowoc NEO Is The One For You

Ice where you want it, when you want it. That’s what the Manitowoc NEO can do for you. They bring a whole new level of performance, convenience and intelligence to ice makers. Their compact design doesn’t reduce the amount of ice they create. In fact, they produce up to 40 lbs more ice per 24 hours than the other under counter models by Manitowoc. The key pad speaks a universal language with easy to understand symbols, so no matter who you are, you know how to work the NEO .

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How To Size Your Kegs Correctly

Over the years, keg sizes have become a somewhat confusing topic for those looking to purchase their own direct draw serving equipment and kegerators for their bar, restaurant, or residence.  After centuries of use in the preparation and storage of alcoholic beverages, the essentially arbitrary sizing system of barrels and kegs has become a bit cumbersome, and the exact meaning of “keg” during a conversation varies depending on the interpretation of the person with which you are speaking. Although keg sizes are not officially standardized from one location to the next, there are generally accepted regional standards that will help make selecting appropriately-sized kegs a simple endeavor.

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How to Host a Wine Tasting, Part 2: Layout and Ambiance

Hosting a wine tasting in your bar is likely going to be a much more intimate and personal experience than the more open “convention center” feel of larger, exhibitor-style tastings. Bar tastings allow a unique opportunity for conversation and community building, but it can sometimes be challenging to balance a bit of “wine professionalism” into the pre-existing atmosphere of your bar. In part one of this post , we discussed how to select your wine order. While your wine is ultimately the main attraction at your event, the presentation and surroundings can make or break a good wine selection. Here are a few things to consider when organizing the layout of your tasting.

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