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Small-Business. Massive Ambition.

You’ve stumbled upon JES in the midst of our growth spurt. Within the past eight years, we have developed from an unpolished, family-run startup into one of the nation’s foremost restaurant supply websites, centralized in an expansive office, manned by a team of talented employees. And this is just the beginning! JES is continually on the lookout to hire experienced hands and fresh minds eager to help our business thrive.
Join us and together we’ll build something worthwhile!

Not Your Typical Nine-To-Five.

Unlike many large corporate businesses, we trust in the people we hire. JES believes diverse skills and unique voices grow companies. After training, you’ll enjoy a refreshing level of autonomy and self-agency—if you have an original idea or a new method of operation, we won’t hesitate to implement it. Here, our workers make the decisions that matter.

Casual, Monday Through Friday.

Friendly, not cliquish. Rewarding, not stressful. JES understands the importance of a positive work atmosphere. A warm workplace increases productivity, and more importantly, it promotes happiness among its workforce. That’s why we don’t sweat the small stuff. We are committed to providing a comfortable work environment and encouraging a healthy work-life balance.

Something For Everyone.

Whether you’re delighting customers as a sales representative, solving logistical issues as a service technician, or flexing your creative-muscles as a web developer, JES will help you become an expert in the field where your passions lie. And along the way, as you learn, you’ll be rewarded with a competitive salary.

Positions are Available!

Good work, job-seeker, you’ve tracked us down. Just a little more effort and we’ll take care of the rest. Below we’ve listed our available positions for you to consider—if one looks to fit your background, please apply. We look forward to shaking your hand, sitting down, and learning more about you.