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Reach-In Dual Temps


Reach-in dual temps combine refrigeration with a freezer in one piece of equipment. Allowing you to do more with less. Available in full-size floor and undercounter models.

Pass-Thru Dual Temps


Keep your food at cold temperatures while it is being passed between different parts of your restaurant. Great for storing desserts such as ice cream, yogurt, and cheesecake.

Undercounter Dual Temps


An Undercounter Dual Temp covers two bases with one player, providing storage space in both the refrigerator and freezer sections.

Refrigerator & Warmer Units


In the space of one cabinet, this refrigerator and warmer units can keep your food at safe temperatures. Keep your food cold or warm in one piece of equipment.

Dual Hot & Cold Drop-In Foodwells


These dual-temp food wells can go from hot to cold with a simple flick of a switch. Hold foods at precise temperatures while maintaining its freshness with a dual-temp food well.

Dual Zone Cabinets & Cases


Dual zone display cases can hold refrigerated goods on one side and dry baked goods on the other side. Perfect for delis and grocery stores that need a space saving solution.

Dual Zone Bakery Cases


Dual Zone Bakery Cases from True Food Service Equipment will provide the perfect temperatures for your dry and refrigerated baked goods. Available in black, white, and stainless steel.

Dual Temp Shelves


Dual Temp Hot and Cold shelves provide the ultimate flexibility and versatility. Change the temperature of the dual-temp shelf with different food products and time of the day.