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Quickly Estimate Your Food Cost

Welcome to the J.E.S. Restaurant Equipment Food Cost Calculator. This convenient software will help you track, calculate, and predict your food cost, all from one simple application. Our food cost calculator runs easily in the web browser of your computer or mobile device, allowing you to track your food cost both at home and on the go—absolutely free!

Recent research within the restaurant industry has shown that approximately 60% of new restaurants fail within the first three years of operation. Along with reasons such as inadequate hiring and training methods, ineffective marketing, or lack of creativity, poor food cost management is one of the top-cited reasons for restaurant failure. Staying on top of food cost is one of the most critical aspects of running a successful foodservice business, but finding the time to sit down and recalculate cost with every menu change can often be a daunting task for busy restaurant owners.

Managing profits with the food cost calculator is simple: just enter the name of a menu item (and its price) into the calculator, add the necessary ingredients, adjust quantities of each ingredient to match your recipe, and the calculator will provide the item's estimated food cost percentage. Repeat for each item on your menu, and you will have your food costs calculated in no time. Time is money in the restaurant industry, so click “create meal” in the panel to your left to start saving time today with the J.E.S. Food Cost Calculator.

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