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Hoshizaki Cuber Ice Machines from JES Restaurant Equipment include ice makers, ice machines with bins, ice machines with dispensers, or undercounter ice makers for your restaurant or foodservice establishment. With ice production from 300 to 2700 pounds per day, and bin capacity from 300 to 1500 pounds per day, Hoshizaki Ice Makers can meet your business needs. Whether you prefer air-cooled or water-cooled units, remote or self-contained, JES Restaurant Equipment can match your establishment with the best ice machine. Hoshizaki's commitment to excellence and longevity is so well-known that 47 of the 50 top foodservice chains in the US specify using Hoshizaki Ice Machines. Crescent Cube ice is the more decorative take on cube ice, which is sturdy, melts slowly, and is multi-purpose in its use. Crescent Cubes are often favored by upscale restaurants and catering services in pursuit of a more “designer” presentation in every aspect of their venue.
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