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Wooden Rolling Pins & How to Clean Them Properly

Posted by on 10/14/2015

Recently, one of our customers posted a very congenial comment about our customer service on our Facebook page. She bought a rolling pin, that she had a hard time locating elsewhere, from us and we advised her on how to care for it. I realized that this would be practical information to share with others who may not know how to properly care for a wooden rolling pin.

Many of us still use wooden rolling pins in the kitchen—some of us have inherited them for other family members. Whether your wooden rolling pin is old or new, the care for them is relatively the same.

Many like to dip their pin in soapy water to clean it. While this isn’t ideal for any type of wooden rolling pin, especially older pins, it may be necessary for a few seconds if cooking residue is still present. In most cases, AVOID doing this entirely. Typically these are the best steps involved in cleaning a wooden rolling pin:

1. Immediately after use, wipe your pin thoroughly with a clean, dry paper towel.

2. If residue is still present, use a scouring pad to wipe off the remaining residue gently.

3. Wipe the pin gently with a lightly damp wash cloth. It is best to avoid using soap because there is a possibility of the soap seeping into the wood and mixing into the next batch of whatever will be rolled.

4. Dry your pin thoroughly before storing it in a very dry location with little moisture.

5. Another step in maintaining the longevity of your pin is to rub it down with pure mineral oil or salad bowl oil. This helps keep moisture out but also promotes less sticking to the pin for future use.Following these very simple steps will ensure a longer-lasting wooden rolling pin.

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