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How to Replace the Gasket on Your Refrigerator Door

Posted by on 8/13/2015

Refrigerator door gaskets probably don’t come to mind every day unless they are falling off.  The seal between the door and the cabinet are very important, they provide a barrier that keeps the warmer outside air from entering the cooler air inside; same concept as the weather stripping on your doors at home.  If the gasket has gone bad (cracked, dry rotted, etc…) and is not creating a tight seal around the door and cabinet body then the compressor is running more and costing you a lot more in energy dollars.  Everyone is going GREEN and everything from dual speed compressors and fans are being tried but I’ve yet to see a manufacturer improve on the design of their door gaskets; something that seems would be a simple improvement and help improve energy efficiency over time.  That being said you need to take matters into your own hands.  There are a couple things you can do to see if the door gaskets on your pieces of commercial refrigeration need to be replaced…

                                                              Dollar Bill Test

Open the door to your refrigerator (freezer, food prep table, ect…), place a dollar bill where it will be between the gasket and cabinet frame and close the door.  Did the bill fall out, or is it easily removed?  If yes then you need to replace the worn gasket.  You should try this in several places around the door to ensure you are getting a tight seal all the way around.

                                                            Visual Inspection

By looking at the gasket you should be able to spot any cracks in the gasket or large gaps between the door and the cabinet.  If you see any gaps or cracks you need to replace the gasket.  Upon visual inspection you may find that mold or mildew is building up on the gasket which is pretty gross and bad for the gasket.  The mold and mildew may seam harmless but over time it will deteriorate the gasket, basically the mold and mildew will eat away at the seal.  You can combat this with a simple bleach and water solution, dilute a little Clorox in some water and use a soft cloth or sponge to apply the solution to the moldy gasket.  You will notice it start to fade away, once you have cleaned the gasket thoroughly discard the “bleach water”, get some clean water and a fresh clothe and wipe the gasket down again to remove any remaining mildew and bleach solution

JES can provide gaskets for all your commercial refrigeration; walk in coolers and freezers, reach in refrigerators & freezers, and food prep tables so if your gasket did not pass the tests above give us a call and we will ship a new one to you.  All we need is the model and serial number from your box to get started, for now keep cool and take the proper steps to start saving those energy dollars today.

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