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How to Turn a Good Concept into a Comfortable Dining Room

Posted by on 6/20/2015

The dining room is the most important area in the restaurant. Its design plays a large part in the overall ambiance of your establishment. The dining room also includes space for a wait station, storage and a POS system. All of this should be hidden away from your patrons field of vision. When designing your restaurant, you should always consider the available space provided.

Remember that the design of a restaurant should balance between a welcoming ambiance while still holding a maximum seating capacity. You want to pack in a sufficient amount of customers while also making them feel comfortable with the atmosphere of the dining area.

Some restaurants focus more on the seating capacity than the interior design. For example, diners and fast food restaurants tend to focus more on seating capacity while fine dining restaurants focus more on aesthetics and the atmosphere of the establishment.

The wait station is a necessity for any dining facility. The ideal wait station is practically invisible to patrons and easily accessible to the staff. All wait stations should be stocked with coffee, flatware, napkins and condiments.

The hostess station may be part of the restaurant dining room or adjacent to it. Because the hostess station is the first area a customer sees, it should be neat and clutter free. The hostess station itself can simply be a tall counter or podium or even a roll top desk

Another area that may be in the dining room or right next to it is the restaurant bar. The bar should always be fully stocked regardless of whether it is a service bar or a full sit down bar. It should be fully stocked based on liquor selection.

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