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Introduction to Kool-It Ice Makers

Posted by on 1/1/2019
Kool-It Ice Makers and Bins

MVP Group continues to be a leader in the food service industry while maintaining a keen focus on "customer service after the sale". As a leader in the industry, MVP offers a wide array of quality commercial kitchen products to help restaurants, institutions, and retail establishments service their customers no matter what type of foods they offer. Ice makers was a key market segment the MVP Group did not supply, but the wait is over! MVP has introduced their new line of Kool-It brand ice maker systems (under counter and modular units, modular bins, and matched water filtration systems).

The Kool-It KOU-70-AB and KRU-70-AB are fantastic under counter units with a rust-resistant 304 stainless steel exterior. The KOU-70-AB is specially designed and constructed to endure operation in outdoor environments, so you can outfit your poolside bar or other open-air kitchen without losing ice production when it's hot outside. If you do not need to install an ice maker outdoors, the KRU-70-AB residential model is the right choice for you. Designed to be installed in standard size cabinet openings (18" x 28" x 36"), you do not have to worry about cutting into your cabinetry to install this unit. Both models are constructed with high density insulation and produce crystal-clear, gourmet “top hat” (also known as “bell-shape”) style cubes for slow melting so as not to water down your favorite beverage. They also include an ice scoop for sanitary dispensing of the ice and a 1-year parts and labor warranty.

The Kool-It ice maker line continues with larger daily production under counter units starting with the KCU-80-AB model which produces up to 73 pounds of crystal-clear, gourmet “top hat” (“bell-shape”) style cubes per 24 hours and stores 29 pounds of ice. This is a great model for your operation behind your bar for those "on the rocks" orders or in a dining room, point-of-service location. The KCU-110-AH model produces 107 pounds of “half-dice” (7/8” x 7/8” x 7/8”) shaped ice per day a with a 27 pounds integrated storage bin. This model includes an in-line water filter (similar to residential refrigerators) for fresh and clean-tasting ice. The largest machine in this series, model KCU-180-AH, produces up to 177 pounds of “half-dice” ice per day and has a 77 pounds of storage capacity with a removable bin cover for easy cleaning.

Modular units are also available with matching bin options. The starting model is the KCM-450-AH model with a 446 lb daily production. This unit pairs nicely with the 30" wide KB-350 bin (353 lb capacity) or the KB-440 bin (442 lb capacity). Depending on your need for ice ready and available in the bin. If you're limited on space the KCM-450-AH-22, 22" wide model, may be the right choice for you. Paired with the KB-260-22 bin the unit in total is 22" wide from top to bottom. Perfect for your space where a 30" wide machine might just be a little too big. Stepping up to the larger models we have the KCM-670-AH with 666 lbs daily production and still pairing with the 30" wide bin options (KB-350 and KB-440, no adapter needed) for optimal storage. The largest of the modular units offers by Kool-It is the KCM-1100-AH with 1106 lbs daily production. This unit will also still pair with the 30" wide bin models (KB-350 and KB-440, no adapter needed) for the perfect pair.

Other things to consider about the Kool-It brand ice maker systems:

  • Under counter units - all offer easy plug-in installation and fit under standard countertops
  • All units have computerized control board with on-board diagnostics
  • Refrigeration safety components that protect major parts of the system
  • All under counter and modular units have a 3 year parts and labor warranty and a 5 year compressor part warranty (The KRU-70-AB and KOU-70-AB have a 1 year parts and labor warranty)
  • All units are tested 100% both control systems and refrigeration systems. The only ice makers on the market that are run through 3 full ice production cycles (all others are run through 1 cycle).
  • Purchase of a Kool-It water filtration system with an ice machine, combined with the end user following the scheduled filter replacement schedule (6 months) and MVP will extend the evaporator plate warranty an extra year to a total of 4 years (2 years on KRU and KOU models).
  • KCU-450-AH-22 unit combined with the KB-260-22 bin has a reduced footprint and space-saving design to fit your layout

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