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Founded in 1931, Keating of Chicago intends to exceed your expectations. They do this by focusing on their products. A piece of Keating equipment has a higher life-span than almost all competing brands. It's not unusual for a customer to hold onto their product for thirty or more years. A Keating machine is also efficient. By focusing on saving energy, these products end up saving you money. And these machines are fast. Their griddles can heat burgers to 165 degrees in just 30 seconds. There's a reason why Keating has such a stellar reputation among the foodservice industry: they make useful products. Browse our catalog of Keating products to find exactly what you're looking for.


Keating Griddles

Designed specifically for the foodservice industry, these Keating countertop griddles can cook what your diner or restaurant needs.


Keating Fryers

Keating floor fryers are made from heavy-duty materials that can withstand even busy fast food environments.

Hot Plates

Keating Hot Plates

Installable into almost any commercial kitchen, Keating hotplates help foodservice businesses run smoother by offering a hot surface.

Prep Stations

Prep Stations

A convenient prep area, with a large 15" x 20" dump pan, and a heated holding and display station.

Heat Lamps

Keating heat Lamps

Keep Krisp Food lamps keep French fries, fried chicken, fish, meat, and other foods crisp and hot for hours.

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