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Loons, Spoodles, and Spoons. What?

What is a loon ? When most of us hear the word, we immediately picture an aquatic diving bird or perhaps your crazy aunt that hoards everything in her house until she becomes the talk of the neighborhood. In this context, we are referring to a kitchen utensil that can also be called a spoodle.

This utensil acts as both a spoon and ladle for kitchen use. Polar Ware, a leading manufacturer in stainless steel kitchen equipment, has developed and patented the EdgePro series that includes a spoodle, which has been ergonomically designed for both comfort and durable handling. It comes with a Scoop-N-Lift handle that prevents the utensil from slipping into the pan and can also be inserted on the lip of the pan to help lift it out of a hot food well. This spoodle is a handy little tool that can be used in a variety of kitchen application from applying sugar in a recipe to dipping out soup from a stock pot.

Polar Ware also makes a series of large serving spoons from 300 Series, 1.2 mm stainless steel. These spoons are also ergonomically designed similar to the spoodles in that they a slip resistant handle that prevents the spoon from sliding into the pan. They are also designed to help lift pans out of the well. These spoons come both perforated and solid in various ounce sizes.

That’s not the only thing in Polar Ware’s new line of innovative products. They have also come out with the AdvantEdge Tapered Sauce Pans and The Edge Steam table pans. These sauce pans come with 30% hard aluminum alloy that is commonly used in commercial cookware. These sauce pans are designed to be resistant to warping and denting. Their handle is designed for both easy pouring and stirring.

Their new steam tables have strong, durable corners with a small bead on each corner that is a patented Grip-N-Lift, which makes the pans easier to get in and out of the well. Not only are these steam tables more energy-efficient but they are also twice as strong as most others in the industry.

For more information about new and innovative products from Polar Ware, follow our website here .

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