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Manitowoc Cubers

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Manitowoc Cubers create Regular, Half Dice, and Dice sized cubes of unique "rhomboid" shaped ice only available from Manitowoc machines. The slow melting speed of cube style ice makes it the perfect choice for keeping drinks cold over extended periods of time.

Cuber Complete
Ice Machines

cuber complete ice machines

Cube ice machines that come with a variety of cooling options such as air-cooled, water-cooled, and remote condensing systems are all available at JES Restaurant Equipment as are production sizes.

Ice Machines

Ice Maker, cube-style, water-cooled

Purchase one of these units and you're done for decades! Our catalog of ice dispensers feature dual water/ice spigots, a variety of push-for-ice options, optical sensors, and paddle-wheel ice delivery.

Remote Cuber
Ice Machines


Find the perfect Remote Cuber Ice Machines for your restaurant or foodservice business. Wholesale pricing, friendly and instant phone support, and thousands of products at JES Restaurant Equipment.

Undercounter Cuber
Ice Machines

Undercounter ice machines

Undercounter Ice Makers are perfect for anyone who is interested in purchasing an ice machine, but who doesn’t have a huge reserve of extra space. Make sure you keep an eye out for new models!

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Manitowoc ID0303W  Indigo Cube Ice Machine, Water Cooled

Manitowoc ID0303W Indigo Cube Ice Machine, Water Cooled

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