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Marra Forni Mixers

Marra Forni Pizza Ovens!

When creating the best possible wood fired Neapolitan pizza, it is essential to use a true Italian fork mixer to ensure the dough is not overworked and retains excellent resolution. Marra Forni Fork Mixers provide proper aeration, correct texture, and yeild nice elasticity for your dough. The shape of this mixer allows the dough to become oxygenated quickly without warming up. Let your oven cook the dough, not your mixer!

Marra Forni sprial mixers are the ideal machine for restaurants, confectioners, bakeries, and even home cooks! This model ranges from 5kg to 60kg, with a stainless steel frame, bowl, fork, protection cover, and tool-holder shaft. Although fork mixers are superior for high-hydration doughs, spiral mixers allow you to mix a wider varieties of dough and cut your mixing time in half!

Revolutionizing the Mixing Experience!