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Equipment Financing

Finance Your Business

If you're spending $1000 or more on new equipment, you have the option to lease. To apply, click the button below or call us at (866) 200-6056, and we'll help you begin your application.

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JES gets it. We know that paying upfront for restaurant equipment is a sometimes demanding investment. That's why we've partnered with QuickSpark, to make it easier for our customers to manage equipment costs. Over 60% of restaurant startups choose to finance their equipment, and so can you — all you have to do is fill out a short application, click submit, and within no time you'll receive approval.

The Benefits of Leasing

Get Your Restaurant Up and Running

When you finance your equipment, you give your new business a chance to begin in the black. Many start-ups find that leasing their equipment is the only responsible option — spending large portions of savings on restaurant equipment often leaves businesses fiscally vulnerable.

Fixed Payments, Low Rates

Financing offers your business the chance to pay in manageable increments. From the first installment to the last, your monthly cost stays the same — a certainty that simplifies your bookkeeping.

Conserve Working Capital

The food service industry is volatile, to say the least. It's always wise to keep your bank account flexible enough to handle unforeseen turns of events. An installment plan does just that: it helps keep your finances resilient.

Lease to Own

Unlike with other types of leases, when you finance your equipment through JES's partner agency, QuickSpark, you have the option to buy your equipment outright for just $1 after the lease term has ended. After that the equipment is 100% yours!

Terms Tailored to Your Operation

For your plan, you may choose:

  • The lease duration, from 12 to 60 months
  • A Lease-To-Own or Exchange-It-Later plan
  • To participate in off-balance-sheet accounting
  • To defer payments until after installation
  • An optional No Down Payment plan
  • The amount of your monthly payments

  • Fill Out Your Application Today

    Complete the online form or call us for an immediate quote: (866) 200-6056

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    Note: While you can choose to use whichever lessor you prefer, JES has found QuickSpark to be the most consistently excellent option for our customers. We don't collect any interest or commission from new QuickSpark agreements — we recommend them simply because of their commitment to fairness, affordability, and customer satisfaction.