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Stoelting Foodservice

Established in 1905, Stoelting is a diversified manufacturer of frozen treat equipment including soft serve, yogurt, shake, custard and batch freezers, and frozen beverage dispensers. Part of the Vollrath family, Stoelting has earned a strong reputation as a top manufacturer of foodservice equipment, which is a reflection of their state-of-the-art engineering and uncompromising quality.

Batch Freezers


Rugged, reliable batch freezers for Premium Ice Cream, Gelato, Sherbet, Sorbet, and Water Ices. Built to assure perfect frozen desserts every time.

Frozen Drink Machines


These compact and ultra high capacity units are perfect for a variety of high-margin specialty drinks, smoothies, juices and slushies.

Shake Machines


Shake Machines that feature a compact design with high-capacity output. Serve Frozen Yogurt, Milkshakes, Smoothies, and Soft Serve Ice Cream.

Soft Serve Machines


Stoeling offers commercial gravity and pressure-fed Soft Serve Ice Cream models. Whether you're looking for single flavor, twin twist, or double cylinder designs.

Dipping Cabinets & Display Cases


A variety of showcase gelato cases to display your product, whether requirements are for a large or compact display to meet the needs for different size spaces.



Stoelting also offers accessories for their freezers, such as remote mix pumps to keep mix handling to a minimum, floor stands for converting counter top units to floor models, and mix-in blenders for marvelous mix-ins.

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