There’s A Big Difference Between Residential & Commercial Warranties

Warranty LogoAlthough manufacturer warranties have made the world of expensive consumer purchases a much safer place to shop, they can sometimes be tricky things. Many warranties come with sets of extenuating circumstances that can render them invalid if the product is used in the wrong way or in the wrong location. Restaurant equipment often includes several of these special-case details, so it is important to read through the warranty sheets on your new equipment before replacing any old machines.

One area where customers tend to run into trouble is overlooking the distinction between residential and commercial equipment. Commercial restaurant equipment is generally not intended to be installed in residential settings. There are some exceptions, but many commercial companies alter the warranty on commercial equipment that has been installed in a residential kitchen. Manitowoc Ice, for example, reduces the standard three year warranty to a one year parts and labor warranty when installing a commercial machine in a home. Some ice machine manufacturers, however, do not alter the warranty as long as the unit is installed properly, so be sure to check the product literature for information about warranty coverage, or contact the manufacturer directly for specific details about your installation.

While some equipment such as ice machines or commercial refrigerators may be at risk of abbreviated or limited warranties in residential kitchens, other types of equipment can present even greater issues. Some equipment may interfere with your homeowner’s insurance, particularly heat-generating equipment such as ovens and ranges. Residential kitchen appliances generally feature more safeguards to keep the smaller and less industrial nature of the home kitchen safe from misuse, overheating, and potential fire hazards. Commercial appliances likely will not feature these safeguards, at least not to the same extent, so it is critical that you check with both your insurance company and with the product manufacturer to make sure that the equipment in question falls in line with your policy. The warranties on many commercial foodservice products are often voided by installing them in residential kitchens, but some insurance policies will still cover the equipment as long as it is installed following the same guidelines and safety regulations (proper ventilation, stainless steel siding, etc.) required of restaurants.

In short, always make sure to check the product literature, review your insurance policy, and research your local home safety ordinances before installing commercial equipment into your residential kitchen. Installing commercial equipment may not always be practical (or legal) depending on your existing kitchen arrangement and geographical location, so be sure to square away all of the details before you clear a space for that new commercial oven.


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The Top 10 Gift Ideas For The Foodie You Love


The best present you can give an adult-aged person is something that you’ve made yourself. This self-made gift can be painted or written down or glued together or baked — whatever idiosyncratic skill that you have, access it, materialize it, wrap it up, and then stick it under the fir.

The second best gift you can give a loved one is something the two of you will enjoy together. Gifts are tacit promises of more good times together and that’s why board games, bottles of wine, and pairs of concert tickets — gifts that basically serve as self-invites — are such major staples of gift-giving.

We cannot help you create a personal, idiosyncratic present but we can tell you which home kitchen gifts bring pairs of foodies closer together. Here are ten suggestions.

b1 The Beef Jerky & Fruit Dehydrator by Excalibur

The Beef Jerky & Fruit Dehydrator

The difference between homemade jerky and Jack Link’s is the difference between your old lady’s mashed potatoes and potatoes that’ve come out of a box. Even if you and your loved one don’t actually do the dehydrating together, chances are you’ll be simultaneously picking shapes of jerky out of the same dusty Ziploc bag — $130.


b1 The Squalo 7-Piece Bartender Set by Berghoff

The Squalo 7-Piece Bartender Set by BerghoffIt’s high time for you and your favorite foodie to finally start the crash course in mixology that you keep talking about.  Handy for small get-togethers, this 7-piece bar set makes gatherings feel more refined as the gin & tonics and Jack & Cokes are suddenly replaced by mojitos, mint juleps and seasonal eggnogs — $130.


b1 The CocoaHeart Fondue Fountain by Sephra

chocofountainYes, a personal chocolate fondue fountain is undeniable kitsch. But can’t something half-kidding also be a little romantic?  We promise that this chocolate fondue fountain, the epitome of ridiculous excess and obliviousness, will get your loved one to crack a big smile — $200.


b1 The Companion Portable Gas Grill by Holland Grill

Holland Grill Large, heavy-duty, and portable, this grill was made especially for tailgate soul mates to enjoy together. A lot of mileage can be gained from a high-quality grill, and the Companion is definitely top of the line. When onlookers catch a glimpse of this grill, they’ll be begging for samples — $320.


b1 Belgium-Style Waffle Baker by KitchenAid

The CocoHeart Fondue Fountain by Sephra Start your Saturday mornings on the right feet with this Belgium-style waffle baker. Immaculately designed to make large and fluffy Belgium waffles, this professional iron features a timer and never-stick cooking surface. Eat your still-steaming waffles in the kitchen, on the living room sofa, or bring a hot plate of them back with y’all to bed — $200.


b1 The Canning Starter Kit by Norpro

The Companion Portable Gas Grill by Holland GrillCanning is a calming and relaxing way to spend weekends or unwind after work, and completed jars of preserves actually make descent gifts themselves. So buy this canning kit for the person you love and you’ll generate subsequent presents for the people in your lives whom you merely like — $14.


b1 The Back Porch Cajun Fryer by R&V Works

Belgium-Style Waffle Baker by KitchenAid Grills are old hat. What really impresses barbecue attendees is a residential deep fryer. This back porch fryer cooks New Orleans style chicken to the perfect crisp, and the foodie in your life will wonder how he had survived before receiving this powerful machine — $415.


b1 The Home Wine Fridge by Summit Appliance

summit This wine cooler will preserve vintages-to-be and, who knows, maybe this is the first step towards transforming the two of you into collectors and connoisseurs. Even if this is the last wine cooler they ever own, at least their selection of convenience store wines will always be served at the optimal temperature — $340.


b1 The Pro-Line Slow-Cooker by KitchenAid

slowThe exerted-effort-to-deliciousness ratio of crock-pot meals is lopsided in favor of deliciousness. This slow cooker is ideal for the tragic foodie who loves interesting dishes but who doesn’t have the time or patience to prepare those dishes by themselves. You’ll both enjoy the easy feasts that this slow cooker can brew up — $100.


b1 The Homestead Beer Tap by Summit Residential

…Or maybe you want to see less of your spouse. In that case, try outfitting your home’s basement with this beer tap and you’ll never have to interact with your loved one again — $1,050.

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Ice Machine 101: How to Install a Water Filter

We noticed that a bizarrely large number of customers have called in recently asking us how to install new water filters in their ice machines—we’re talking like a sudden six-fold increase in filtration-related questions here—and we couldn’t help but wonder if maybe the universe is trying to tell us something. Now, the J.E.S. New Employee Corporate HR Handbook has a short section in it that warns employees against “needless attribution of unexplained phenomena [to] serendipity,” and then goes on to discourage “reading too much into, or explicitly trusting and/or believing in, so-called ‘Signs from the Universe,’ ” but, just this one time, we’ve chosen to ignore company policy and listen to our guts and take the time to draw up a diagram for y’all to use. We hope it helps!


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Save Your Holiday Profits and Defer Payments Until the New Year

No Pay, 90 Days

You know that you’re neck-deep in the holiday season when your tables are perpetually close to capacity and your guests perpetually, splendidly tipsy. For about two months straight, your equipment must keep pace with a no-vacancy dining room, and if you haven’t adequately prepared, by like 12/25 the whole operation’ll be practically wheezing.

Now is the time to buy new equipment that’ll get you through the holidays — a real conundrum since most restaurant owners can’t finance new equipment until after their yearly influx of Christmastime capital.

Well, here’s one solution.

If you’re buying new equipment and you choose to finance it through us, we’ll let you postpone your first payment for 90 days; e.g., if you sign up for our payment plan today, you won’t receive the first bill until after New Year’s Day, after your wallet’s no longer two sizes too small.

We typically process new applications within 24 hours, we don’t ask for any obligation until after we’ve sent a formal offer, and we seriously consider each new applicant, no matter how ragged their credit history might seem.



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An Autumn Rebate — $200 off Refrigerated Bakery Display Cases

During the entire month of October, we’re giving our customers a $200 discount on all Marc Refrigeration’s refrigerated bakery cases — simply enter the coupon code MARCDOWN at checkout and then two-hundred instant dollars will be subtracted from your order.

Marc Refrigeration  Marc RefrigerationMarc Refrigeration  Marc Refrigeration

Established in 1975 by patriarch Hyman Widelitz, Marc Refrigeration is run by a family of 1st- and 2nd-generation Polish immigrants who long ago fulfilled that traditional pilgrimer goal of making it in America. While their English diction may seem cobbled together, the things they craft are undeniable masterworks.

Each bakery display case is built around a single cursive glass pane, which smartly takes one step backwards, gets out of the way, and lets customers view its exhibit of food in uninterrupted concentration. While the case’s exterior curates, the refrigeration system inside powers along with a sort of hard, Slavic determination.

These two qualities, understated appeal and fussless strength, make Marc Refrigeration display cases highly sought out by food service professionals across the country.

Click here to browse the Marc Refrigeration catalog

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Zero Percent Financing on All Manitowoc Merchandise

manitowocfinancingBetween now and December 31st, Manitowoc is offering JES customers 0% Financing for Two Years on any order over $1,000. Using this deal, you can divide your checkout amount into a handful of easy, incremental installments without any due interest whatsoever. To qualify for this offer, fill out our short online application and then fax or email us a return copy — we will reply within hours as to whether you’ve been approved. For detailed information, click here or call us directly at (866) 200-6056.

*Brands eligible for this opportunity include Cleveland Range, Delfield, Frymaster, Garland, Kolpak, Lincoln, Manitowoc Ice, Merco, and Servend.
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This Young Restaurant Firm Sells Equipment Cheaper Than Any Newcomer Has Before


Supera LLC, a new food service supply outfit headquartered in Denver, already offers a catalog of over 700 products, which is a ridiculous quantity when you consider that this company debuted back in August of 2013, i.e., thirteen months ago; i.e., they’ve been around for 1.1 years after you round up.

And their catalog isn’t just some five-and-dime selection of assorted pie tins and dinky plastic trinkets either — Supera sells refrigerators and freezers and water filters and stand-up floor fryers and, sure, smallwares too, stuff like frying pans and ladles and even those little, like, metal things, you know, those pointed upright metal things that’re placed along the line for cooks and servers to stab their completed tickets on, and then when one gets fully buried in tickets, you have to pick it up and like wrest the entire bundle of tickets off it all at once… the name’s on the tip of my tongue…

Anyway, the important thing, the take-home point here, is that Supera sells a lot of different products and, more importantly still, they sell these products at a lower price than almost anyone else.

So how exactly has Supera amassed such a diverse, cost-efficient catalog within a mere 1.083 years? Well, frankly, they didn’t so much begin as a garage-band-level company as they did a restaurant equipment supergroup — a handful of equipment veterans realized that if they teamed up they could cut prices through reduced redundancy. And this affordability-by-means-of-consolidation is why us food service wonks are so giddy over such a young company — high-quality equipment rarely comes this cheap.

— Spindles!

Those pointy, stabby, metal things: they’re called ‘spindles’, as in the thing that pricked Sleeping Beauty’s finger. Right, so if you need to buy an, er, spindle or something bigger like, say, a refrigerator or fryer, something whose price tag plays a major role in your decision-making, you should browse through Supera’s line of products where you’re likely to find a well-made, inexpensive model of that one thing that you’re looking for.

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People ♥ J.E.S. – Join The ♣ Already

Recently, when we received our 1,400th perfect rating over at customer review aggregate, we figured, “What’s the harm in maybe collecting screenshots of our favorite reviews and sending out a good-natured, old-fashioned PR release?” Well, as it turned out, the harm there was: negligible. So, here we present our short compilation of ShopperApproved reviews written by actual opinionated customers like—but not exactly identical to—you!


Whew! Luckily, we’re available to help procrastinators barely meet their deadlines year-round! And if you’re one of those manic, can-only-open-public-doorknobs-with-a-bleached-hankie types, we can likewise expedite your very special Christmas supplies and have them delivered to you just in time for “Very nice” “I have always depended on the kindness of strangers” “My mother thanks you. My father thanks you. My sister thanks you. And I thank you.” “High Five!”
—Borat, Blanche DuBois, George M Cohan, and Borat,’re all grown adults, but you guys are starting to make us blush…page-6(2)page-17(1) There don’t exist enough air quotes in the world to convey my skepticism that this review was in fact written by real-life person “Anonymous Customer” and not by JES employee Carl, available at phone extension! THANKS FOR CHOOSING JES RESTAURANT EQUIPMENT!page-6(2)page-13(2) Say again?page-6(2)page-5(1)You know what, Joseph? We could not agree with you more.

We truly respect our customers’ opinions on our service—feedback from you guys is obviously always welcome. If you want to see this list of reviews in its entirety, you can go to, or visit or for even more real-life, firsthand impressions.

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How to Remove Common Stains from Restaurant Booths

It’s easy to see why restaurant furniture designers have moved away from upholstering their booths in cloth to upholstering them in vinyl. Modern vinyl fabric, which honestly is barely recognizable as a plastic anymore, duplicates the skin-like plushness of leather while costing restaurateurs much less to own. And since vinyl repels water, most of the spills absorbed by cloth upholstery simply rolls off these seats. However as you’ve probably found out for yourself, vinyl is less than 100% impenetrable to stains. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best cleaning techniques to undo vinyl’s most common blemishes, including solutions for ink, blood, scuffs, gum, rips, rain, the sun, & crumbs.


Restaurant BoothThat new streak across your booth: do you know whether it came from a ballpoint pen or rollerball pen? It makes a difference. Rollerball pens, pens whose ink will blot when pressed against a piece of paper—think Uni-ball pens or Pilots—use water-based inks, which take more time to set into vinyl than their oil-based counterparts. With rollerball stains, just wipe down the booth with dish soap and water, and then dry.

Stains that come from Bics and most click-pens will take a few extra steps to lift but they’re not invulnerable. Act quick and follow these steps:

  1. Wipe down the upholstery with water and dish soap (Sometimes that’s all it takes.).

  2. Dry the area.

  3. Lightly dip a cotton swab or cotton ball in rubbing alcohol and rub the area clean, carefully avoiding other parts of the seat.

  4. When rubbing alcohol fails, you can use hydrogen peroxide as a more powerful solvent, but be cautious as this will discolor the vinyl if left standing for too long.

  5. Soak the affected area in a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution for thirty minutes and then wipe away.


A speedy response to spilled blood will give it less time to ruin your upholstery. If the blood hasn’t dried or set into the booth yet, clean the spot away with a wet, soapy rag. Otherwise follow the steps below—and please, don’t forget to wear gloves.

  1. Add a teaspoon of dish soap and a tablespoon of ammonia to a spray bottle filled with cold water.

  2. Since ammonia causes the dye of some vinyl fabrics to fade, test the mixture on a hidden part of the upholstery and check for discoloration.

  3. Excepting any discoloration, spray the solution over the bloodstain and let it stand for 3 to 5 minutes.

  4. Most of the blood should have lifted. Gently scrub away the rest with the corner of a dry cloth.

  5. Wipe the ammonia solution away with a water dampened rag and dry.


A nearly surefire way to keep booths presentable is to just clean the darn things already. As soon as your guests leave the table, send a busboy over there to gather dishes and wipe down the seats. We know this is Restaurant 101 stuff, but when you and your busboys get lazy, bacteria will start to grow between the cracks of your restaurant booths. Eventually some guest will complain about a bad smell and you’ll have to crawl into the booths yourself and scrape out colony after colony of bacteria. Regular wipe downs and weekly once-overs with a vacuum hose will keep crumbs, and by extension bacteria, at bay.

Shoe Scuffs

Scuffs can be easily removed from restaurant booths using Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, the same product that people use on linoleum floors. It’s not expensive but if you just can’t spare the extra time or money, synthetic turpentine works almost as well.

  1. Clean the booth with dish soap and water, and then dry.

  2. Using synthetic turpentine or mineral spirits, lightly sponge the affected area with care. Rubbing too hard might damage the vinyl.

  3. Dry up all solvents when finished.

  4. Wash the booth with soap and water again and dry.

Sunlight & Rain

SunlightImagine one of those old poolside lounge chairs whose seat and back were made from rows of taut rubber straps. Remember those? If you left one of those chairs outdoors for too many summers in a row, the rubber straps would become faded and cracked and hard. Though vinyl is better suited to the sun and the rain than cheap rubber, too much exposure to the elements will make your furniture hard and brittle like those old poolside chairs. You can prevent UV and water damage to your booths by treating them with a vinyl conditioner every month or so. It’s basically like suntan lotion for your booths.

Chewing Gum

Some either careless or passive-aggressive guest has stuck a wad of gum to the cushion of your booth. So now what? Well, try this—

  1. Press an ice cube against the gum until it hardens.

  2. With your fingernail or a dull knife, carefully chip away as much of the gum as you can.

  3. After scraping most of residue away, remove the remnants by lightly dabbing a rag of synthetic turpentine or mineral spirits over the leftover specks.

  4. Dry up all the solvent when finished.

  5. Wash the booth off with soap and water and then dry.

Rips, Cuts, & Tears

Upholstery RepairCompared with stains, scuffs, and chewing gum, a cut in your vinyl upholstery will require a much more complicated fix. Your cheapest option is to buy a vinyl repair kit and use it to cement the tear closed. With vinyl repair kits you pour a liquefied plastic onto the cut and press down on the slowly-congealing liquid with a sheet of grain-textured paper, which you then hold in place until the plastic has hardened. Unfortunately no matter how careful you are, the repair will be noticeable—the new texture won’t match the old one, and the color is always a little off. But there’s not much else you can do. You can’t stitch it. That’d be noticeable and, besides, the rip would quickly spread. You definitely can’t ignore the problem. The best option is to reupholster, but if you don’t have the time or the money for that, vinyl repair kits are really your best option.

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How JES Helped a Local Bar Recover From a Catastrophe

A Blessing in Disguise

Last winter, during an overcast and subfreezing afternoon, a neon sign hanging inside Sports Break Grill & Bar threw a fluke spark, and within a few minutes, half the barroom was overrun with flames.

“To be honest, the fire was a blessing in disguise,” said Kevin Prater, co-manager of Sports Break, a bar that in recent years had become a headache. “For a waitress to pick up her food, she’d have to run to the back of the building, through the kitchen door, all the way to the back side of kitchen, and around the expo line before she’d finally see the food. Then of course she’d pick up the customer’s food and turn around and go all the way back. Our waitresses were running two miles for every meal.”

In his kitchen, the cooks and servers were regularly bumping into each other. Behind his bar, the bartenders fought over limited taps. Kevin had known for years that the flow of the place just didn’t work, but renovations were continually pushed back. That January fire didn’t just scorch the taps and bar stools; it turned 23 years’ worth of complacency into a dustpan-sized pile of ash.


A disaster or an opportunity?

As he and the other Sports Break managers surveyed the remains of their charred bar, there was no argument to whether they should rebuild—despite its tangled layout, Sports Break had been their shared baby. The real question was: do we build it back the way it was or do we buckle down and build it as it ought to be?

The answer seemed obvious. That next morning Kevin woke up, climbed out of bed, and dug out the phone number to J.E.S.


The Right People for The Job


Scott’s Charts and Diagrams

Scott Clifton is a tall, gentle guy—quick to a joke, quick to admit a mistake. Though he’s now the general manager of J.E.S. Restaurant Equipment, he began his career by designing small restaurants across the Atlantic coast. Investors would call him up, describe their dream restaurants, and Scott would drive however many miles to meet with them and help assemble their new kitchens. A client might be an old pro, already aware of what exactly he needed, and Scott would assist him with stuff like HVAC regulations, municipal permits, and tricky installations. Sometimes the clients were vague with their conceptions. They’d seem like the sorts of people who could sit down in a barber chair, and when asked what kind of haircut they wanted, would respond, “Don’t matter to me, just make it look good.” In cases like these, Scott had almost free reign to create his ideal kitchen, a kitchen with flowing corridors, couched equipment, and open, ergonomic prep areas.

The Sports Break managers had worked with Scott before and they chose him specifically to remake their burnt down bar. “Scott was phenomenal,” Kevin told us afterwards. “Any time we called him up, he was right there for us. Totally hands on. A true Johnny-on-the-spot.”

The New Bar Die, Assembled by Sports Break's Waitresses

The New Bar Die, Assembled by Sports Break’s Waitresses

J.E.S. was involved in every step of the redesign process from initial blueprints to pricing to ordering to final installation. The owners of Sports Break drew up a Christmas list of the things that they wanted for their new bar—a F.O.H. waitress station, a customer service stand, a blender station, a to-go counter—and they trusted Scott to make it all come true.

For the bar itself, they chose to go with a Glastender Bar Die construction. Scott argued—and the managers agreed—that this construction would best serve their particular restaurant. “Bar dies,” Scott explained, “are these modular, interlocking panels that fit together and act as the wall of a bar. Now the cool part about these things is that they have the bar equipment built right in. If you want a sink in your bar, you buy a panel with a sink attached; if you want a, I don’t know, an ice-well, you buy a panel with an ice-well attached. They don’t stand on legs: they’re bolted right into the floor. That’s hugely advantageous. No cracks, so they don’t smell up the place the way Woodwalls do—with these things, beer bounces right off…”

The Cook Station

The Cook Station

After the schematics were drawn up and a team of J.E.S. service agents had bolted the bar dies to the barroom floor, Scott began work on the kitchen. “It’s terrific,” Kevin later told us. “Scott created this flow that allows waitresses to come into the kitchen, dump their dirty dishes in the sink, flow around to the expo line, pick-up a new plate, and go right back out through the door.” The service agents lugged refrigerators, ovens, sinks, and worktables into the kitchen and installed them all without a hitch.

The now-finished kitchen gleams with stainless steel. Because of its expert layout, everything a cook or server might need is centralized within arms’ reach—ingredients, cups, spices, and glasses are always visible and on the ready. Kevin didn’t get a bar kitchen; he got a restaurant kitchen. “I’ve been in this business for 35 years, so being able to put something in place according to a vision that I’ve developed over the years, it’s been… it’s been a treat.”

Taps  The New Taps  Bar  IslandNew Booths  Kitchen  Kitchen  The New Kitchen

A Bar Reborn

This Friday, Sports Break in Greenwood celebrates its grand reopening. Before the fire, it had three taps; now it has twelve. Before the fire, the waitresses were counting miles; now they’re counting meters. Before the fire, customers always seemed to be waiting on something; now they’re happier than ever before. When Sports Break called JES up, they asked for state-of-the-art everything—futuristic wait stations, futuristic appliances, futuristic bar taps. But when you step through the door for the first time, it doesn’t feel like the future: it feels like right now. It feels like the beginning of a good night.

Sports Break Grill & Bar

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