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Food Warming Equipment

Food Warming Equipment at JES
Temperature, alongside taste, smell, and texture, determines how your guests will receive your food—tepidity is constantly fighting to bring your restaurant down. So, to combat lukewarm food, arm your commercial kitchen with powerful food-warming equipment from JES. We have banquet carts from Metro, steamers from Groen, buffet tables from Vollrath, merchandisers from Hatco, microwaves from Sharp, and holding cabinets from True Food Service. These manufactures are titans of the food service industry, and purchasing your equipment from one of these suppliers is an unimpeachable move. Questions? Contact an experienced JES representative at (866) 200-6056 to find the best gear for your business.

Proofers & Holding Cabinets

Food Warming Equipment

Shop our food proofer and holding cabinets to keep prepared menu items at the proper serving temperature. Regulate Heat and Humidity of Stored Items for Restaurants, Bakeries and Other Foodservice Applications.



Shop our food warmer / Rethermalizer which are ideal for kitchen use or buffet line. Rethermalize prepared food from refrigerated state to piping hot, and hold the food at proper serving temperature.

Commercial Steamers

Commercial Steamers

Shop our commercial food steamers- they provide the space to handle all of your cooking requirements. our high-quality steamers, food comes out hot and fresh, and is healthier compared to other cooking methods. You can use a commercial steamer for an assortment of food service applications.

Induction Buffet Tables

Induction tables and hot food tables

Shop our large array of induction tables, countertop induction system, Hot Food Tables and much more from brands like Vollrath, Carter-Hoffman and Altosham at JES, where fast shipping and wholesale restaurant supply pricing is our everyday practice.

Banquet Carts & Cabinets

banquet carts and cabinets

Banquet cabinets and carts are engineered to withstand the heavy-duty use of constant movememnt while holding food warm and palatable. They make transporting easy and to help improve your food and catering operation.

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