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Healthcare Foodservice Equipment

With over a decade of experience, JES Restaurant Equipment understands the precise details of your industry and we offer equipment that accommodates healthcare food service operations. Among our stock are ice makers, blanket warmers, and trays—all of impeccable quality. Where ever your field—pharmaceutical, life & animal sciences, spectroscopy, necropsy, pathology—we can fabricate custom made products for your lab setting. Contact us for a quote today. Give us a call at 866-200-6056 or request an online quote.

Ice Systems for Healthcare

Ice Systems For Healthcare For Sale

Providing patients with the best cube and nugget ice have lasting benefits for hospitals and the healthcare industry.

Medical Refrigerators

Medical Refrigerators For Sale

Store medicine and other medical products at low temperatures in pharmacies, laboratories, or any medical environment.

Pharmaceutical Refrigerators

Pharmaceutical Refrigerators For Sale

Designed and purpose-made for pharmacy, medication, and vaccine applications to support meeting CDC/VFC guidelines.

Medical Low Temp Freezers

Medical Low Temp Freezers For Sale

JES offers low-temperature storage with the product features most requested by the laboratory and medical industry.

Medical Warming Cabinets

Medical Warming Cabinets For Sale

Designed for easily warming blankets while maintaining a stress-free operation that is constructed in the USA.