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Commercial Fryers

When buying a commercial deep fryer for your restaurant or business, there are a multitude of options to wade through. Do I need a gas- or electric-powered unit? Should I get a floor model or a countertop model? Tube, open pot, or flat bottom? How about accessories: scoops, baskets, covers, casters, filter paper? You've come whatever your needs to the right place. JES Restaurant Equipment carries an incredible array of commercial deep fat fryers from top manufacturers like Gold Medal, Pitco, Star, and Vulcan Hart. Browse our selection online to find a reliable, durable model for your restaurant, or if you need extra help, give us a call at (866) 200-6056 to speak with a JES representative right now.

Drop-In Fryers


Whether for fried fish or chicken nuggets, for a business or a catering event. Having a drop-in fryer can be very beneficial for you.

Countertop Fryers


A full line of Commercial Countertop Fryers, and find the right Countertop Fryer for your restaurant or foodservice business.

Floor Fryers


Whether gas or electric, floor fryers of all sizes from all of the major manufacturers. Wholesale pricing, friendly and instant phone support at JES Restaurant Equipment.

Corn Dog Fryers


JES has partnered with Gold Medal to provide you with the industry's leading corn dog deep fryers. Corn dog fryers are proven carnival and concession stand favorites.

Funnel Cake Fryers
& Essentials


JES Restaurant Equipment has partnered with Gold Medal to provide you with the industry's leading funnel cake fryers.

Fryer Dump Stations


Whether for french fries or onion rings, for a business or a catering event. Having a fryer dump station can be very beneficial for you.

Oil Filter Systems


JES Restaurant Equipment carries a wide selection of oil filter machines, so no matter how large or small your operation, you will find a unit that is right for you.

Fryer Baskets

Fryer Baskets

Wide selection of replacement and backup commercial fryer baskets. Regardless of the needs of your commercial kitchen, find a fry basket that is perfect for you.

Fryer Filter Paper


These specially laced filter sheets will remove the floating detritus from your fryer system, preserving taste fidelity and mechanical longevity.

Fry Scoops


Considering that it's one of the most used tools in your kitchen, you should probably invest in a high-quality fry scoop.

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