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Since its founding in 1918, Pitco has been the forerunner of the deep-frying industry. By utilizing state-of-the-art laser blanking and robotic welding equipment in conjunction with its uniquely efficient tube-fired heating system, Pitco has reached a superior level of quality, consistency, and product efficiency. With a complete offering of Pitco's top-of-the-line fryers, holding cabinets, oil filtration systems, and water cookers, J.E.S. Restaurant Equipment is ready to get you the frying station that your business deserves.

Commercial Fryers

Commercial Fryers

Pitco Fryers - ensures easy cleaning, long-lasting construction, high-temperature alloy stainless steel which provides a ready flame when heat is required.

Crisp 'N Hold Stations

Crisp N hold station

Keep your french fries, chicken tenders, hot wings, and onion rings hot and crispy with Pitco's Crisp N' Hold station. Gently circulate hot air over and through the product. Maintains crispness while keeping food hot and ready.

Rethermalizers & Pasta Cookers

water cooker

Pitco's Water Cooker line includes both Pasta Cookers and Rethermalizers. Allows you to easily boil your pasta or simmer for precise rethermalizing. Delicate products can be heated to an exact temperature.

Oil Filteration

oil filteration

Filtering increases your oil life up to 50% longer. Filter out all those particles that are oils natural enemies: crumbs, suspended fatty acids, and salt as well as water. Resulting in consistently better oil.

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