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In our smallwares section, we carry those indispensable odds and sods that tie a restaurant together: the frying pans, the wire whisks, the black signs that read “Employees Must Wash Hands Before Returning To Work”. Whether you’re shopping for baking supplies, kitchen utensils, steam table pans, or ingredient bins, we can provide your business with the best kitchen and dining room miscellanea at the lowest prices available.

Popular Restaurant Smallwares

Our digital thermometers quickly warn against potentially unsafe food temperatures. Our multiple channel timers, featuring earsplitting alarms, help coordinate those chefs who struggle with multitasking. And our signage silently preempts common customers’ questions like “Could you please tell me where the bathroom’s at?” or “I’m sorry, but what was today’s special again?” These popular smallware items are must-haves in bustling commercial kitchens.

Steam Table Pans

Accessorize your steam table with our wide selection of different steam table pans! Durable and reliable pans are crucial to a successful buffet operation—that’s why we supply only high-quality pans made of the best materials. Need help determining which pan configuration is right for your operation? Give us a call and we can help you out.

Kitchen Organization

A place for everything and everything in its place. Yes—JES also sells places for your things. Keep your commercial kitchen neat and navigable with our selection of convenient organizational tools. These food boxes, storage containers, and ingredient bins prevent cross-contamination and ensure that your foods and ingredients are always where you hope them to be.