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JES Restaurant Equipment
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Kitchen Hand Tools

No kitchen is complete without a well-stocked selection of cooking tools and instruments. Outfit your restaurant with everything that it might need to run successfully. Equipped, your chefs and kitchen staff will be ready to tackle any looming culinary challenge.

B.O.H. Utility Hand Tools

The supplies featured here are those kitchen gadgets most used by commercial chefs and line cooks. Made by some of the industry’s leading manufacturers, including Admiral Craft, Cambro, Norpro, Update International, and Vollrath, you can count on these tools to get the job done.

Serving Utensils

Your kitchen can be a total pigsty so long as your dining room is presentable. This collection of servingware and salad bar utensils will keep guests impressed regardless of the chaos in the back.

B.O.H. Specialty Hand Tools

Each of these tools has a narrow purpose, and depending on your restaurant, one of them is essential to keeping your business running effectively. Immaculately designed, these utensils are sure to become staples of your commercial kitchen.

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