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Usually when a foodie talks about the role that touch plays in dish, he focuses on food texture. Mouthfeel is where most of the action happens, but we shouldn't ignore the kinetic aspect of food, the interactive aspect—that almost totally forgotten aspect of fun. Despite what they were taught as children, people like to play with their food, and shish kebabs are fun, period. According to the Emily Post Institute, "Shish kebab are eaten directly from the skewer only when they're served as an hors d'oeuvre. When eating shish kebab as a main course, lift the skewer and use your fork to push and slide the chunks off the skewer and onto your plate. Place the emptied skewer on the edge of your plate and use your knife and fork to cut the meat and vegetables into manageable pieces, one bite at a time." Whatever, Emily. Give your foodies meat on a skewer and let them eat them however way they like.

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