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JES Restaurant Equipment
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Washing & Janitorial Equipment

Your business reputation starts the moment people enter your facility and ends when they tell others about their experience. Your restaurant should be as fresh as your food! Luckily, J.E.S. Restaurant Equipment offers a full line of durable, top quality washing and janitorial equipment and supplies. Clean facilities, dust-free surfaces and floors that shine can help create a positive customer experience and boost your business' reputation. Customers are much more likely to visit your store or restaurant again and recommend your business if you have clean, odor-free restrooms. J.E.S. offers a large variety of commercial dishwashers, from conveyor-type to undercounter models; a wide selection of worktables, dishtables, janitorial supplies as well as cleaning tools and accessories, to keep your establishment clean and operating at optimum capacity.

Cleaning Tools

Good sanitation is almost as important to a successful restaurant as the quality of its food (an overly dry chicken breast has never summoned the health inspector). To ensure the highest level of cleanliness in your restaurant or commercial kitchen, choose JES. Our thorough selection of brushes, chemical cleaners, and food safety tools is immaculate.

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Floor Care Products

Sticky floors: gross. Maintaining clean surfaces is critical to the health and safety of your establishment. JES offers a broad selection of brooms, mops, and mats to keep your floors clean, dry, and safe.

Bathroom Accessories

Even the most exquisite of menus can’t rescue a restaurant from the stigma of a poorly maintained restroom. Keep your bathrooms tidy and up-to-date with our selection of bathroom accessories. From changing stations to hand dryers, JES has a wide variety of bathroom essentials to ensure that your restrooms are stocked, organized, and perpetually accessible.